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4 Types Of Double Hung Windows To Ramp Up Your EPC

types of double hung windows

A double hung window is a wonderful choice for old and new properties alike, but what are the types of double hung windows available, and is it a truly worthwhile consideration for your home?

Double hung windows are a classical option; adding a touch of traditional charm to a property. The largely uninterrupted glazing is also a top choice for homeowners looking to sell, especially considering that 95% of prospective buyers make checking the windows and views of a property one of their top priorities when viewing houses.

If you’re considering the types of double hung windows for your home, then we have you covered with our four-part guide to the main choices you’ll need to make when looking at these styles.

Read on to discover if double hung windows could be the best option for your property, and, ultimately, whether this upgrade is worth the expense…

Choice No.1: Functionality of the Double Hung Window

There is some variation of functionality for double hung windows. A double hung window will normally have two sashes; one at the top and one at the bottom. Commonly, the bottom sash will be able to slide upwards and the top sash will be able to slide downwards.

In most cases, you’ll be able to choose whether or not to turn the sashes into tilt-in sashes. This helpful feature can make the windows easier to clean; tailoring them more towards your needs.

Choice No.2: Materials for Double Hung Windows

One of the main choices you’ll have to make when picking double hung windows, is the material.

The type of material that you choose will determine how much maintenance will be required, how secure the system is, how long it will last, and how many additional features you can have.

There are three main materials that are commonly that make the list of types of double hung windows:

Aluminium – Having a metal frame offers the benefit of a slimmer structure for enhanced lighting. While from a style point of view it’s a wonderful choice, it can cause problems with condensation, and is not the most energy-efficient option.

Vinyl – High-quality vinyl is a wonderful choice for strength, function, and longevity. A modern frame will offer low maintenance and superior sound and heat insulation, but it is important to get high-quality vinyl.

Wood – This is the most traditional of the options, and commonly one of the most expensive. Wood offers a unique character, but at the cost of heightened maintenance.

types of double hung windows

Your choices with style will help to make your finished double hung windows more unique, but also perform better. The best windows will be high-security, save you money on your energy bills, and keep your home warm and comfortable for years to come!

Choice No.3: Glass Options for a Double Hung Window

The efficiency of a modern window system all hinges on the glass that is chosen. Double hung windows can be fitted with single, double, or triple glazing, each with their own benefits.

Single – This glazing looks great on older properties, but is not energy-efficient, and has little benefit in terms of sound and heat insulation.

Double – A common choice amongst UK homeowners, double glazing is more secure than single glazing, and offers better insulation, despite being prone to issues with condensation.

Triple – The newcomer to the scene, triple-glazing is becoming widely popular for its ability to help keep homes warm in cold temperatures, with the extra layer of glass offering a high thermal performance. The glazing type is also secure, low maintenance, and offers high sound insulation.

Choice No.4: Additions Your Double Hung Window

A big choice for your double hung windows is the style, and any further additions. Most companies will offer a substantial range of colour options, along with additional extras that can make your windows more secure and better performing.

As 20% of burglaries occur in homes with open doors and windows, it is important to make sure you have strong and easy to use locks on your windows.

Your choices with style will help to make your finished double hung windows more unique, but also perform better. The best windows will be high-security, save you money on your energy bills, and keep your home warm and comfortable for years to come.

Having Trouble Picking the Right Double Hung Window for Your Home?

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