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5 Advantages of Pitched Roofs That Will Sway Your Opinion

advantages of pitched roofs

The roof over your head is arguably the most important part of your home. It keeps you dry, finishes off the design and is like the last piece of the property jigsaw.

Who knew, though, that you could have different varieties of roofs? With many to choose from, your decision is based upon how you intend to use the space below the roof itself.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at the advantages of pitched roof projects, and what it means for your home!

Extra Storage or Living Space

This is considered to be the biggest advantage of pitched roof properties. The definition of a pitched roof is when two slopes rise to a peak, and are built in this way in order to give you the largest possible space in the loft.

Once this is achieved, the way you use your loft is completely down to your personal preference! It can simply be used as a much-needed storage solution, or you can transform it completely to create an additional living space!

The joy of this is that when it comes to building the roof, if you already know what you’ll be using the space for, it is much easier to accommodate during construction. This flexibility cannot be achieved underneath a flat roof, for example.

Longer Lifespan

Because of the materials used, the list of advantages of pitched roof projects grows longer due to its lifespan. Should the construction go smoothly without any hiccups, you can be guaranteed to live underneath a roof which can weather the storm, if you pardon the pun.

Weather resistant materials offer much more protection than a flat roof does, for one main reason. Because a pitched roof slopes, weather conditions such as rain and snow don’t usually offer any trouble. This is because the steepness of the slopes will mean no accumulation of water will accrue.

This radically reduces the possibility of conditions such as mould and moss build up on your rooftop. Obviously, it would be incredibly difficult to spot and if or when you do, the kerfuffle of climbing up a ladder to remove it only proves stressful. A pitched roof removes every aspect of frustration and time consumption!

advantages of pitched roofs

It is important to remember that without a decent roof – whoever sleeps upstairs will have a lovely view of the stars every night. As glamorous as it sounds, we live in Britain. Stargazing whilst soaking wet from the rain isn’t exactly very romantic now, is it?!

Aesthetic Pleasure

If the above advantages of pitched roof projects isn’t enough to quench your curiosity, maybe the inner interior designer in you may sit up and lean forward for the next benefit. A pitched roof, as mentioned above, tends to finish off the puzzle that is your home.

Nothing pleases people more than when something just fits perfectly – clothes and furniture are prime examples.

The roof is no exception. If a roof looks like a seamless fit to the rest of your home, it completes the aesthetic look from the outside. This allows you to feel more passionate about your humble abode, giving it the interior tender love and care it deserves.


What is the point of having a roof that constantly needs looking after, you ask? A very valid point indeed. That’s why pitched roofs come with minimal maintenance and looking after. It is simply there to hold the fort, keep you dry and warm, and do the job it was made to do.

If only other aspects of life was that simple!

The low maintenance approach combines with lifespan quite nicely, because it is essentially the dream team. Not only does it need minimal to zero maintenance, it is built to last as well!

Advantages of Pitched Roof Properties

When people are questioned on what the most important factor is when it comes to the home, the roof isn’t necessarily top of the list. A nice garden, lavish furniture or a homely atmosphere tend to overtake on the priority agenda.

The choice of roof largely depends on the build of the home, first and foremost. Once you have that sorted the rest will follow like the Pied Piper! As ever-present as they can be, roofs are often overlooked which is no mean feat!

So the next time you wonder what the advantages of pitched roof are, just hop on back to this piece to re-quench your thirst for roof knowledge! Ready to take the next step? Talk to our team today by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, click the button below to get the ball rolling today!