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7 Flat Roofs Pros And Cons To Ponder

7 Flat Roofs Pros And Cons To Ponder

In Britain, we’re accustomed to sloped roofs being the norm. You’re far more likely to see sloping roofs adorning our homes, due to the poor weather conditions we observe.

In our notoriously rainy cities, such as Manchester, Glasgow and Preston, you’re lucky to catch a sunny day ever! Not to mention our sleepy villages, such as Danless, Glen Etive in Scotland – Britain’s wettest place.

This village receives, on average, 3.3 metres of rainfall every year. Flat roofs do, however, have many valuable uses in the UK and beyond. Below, we’ve outlined flat roofs pros and cons for you to consider…

How Flat Roofs Differ from Slopes

Aside from the obvious visual differences, slope roofs and flat roofs have numerous other differences which cannot be identified simply by eye.

For example, slope roofs are nearly always more expensive, problematic, and more time consuming to design and install than a standard flat roof.

Flat roofs, on the other hand, are traditionally less effective than sloping roofs at deflecting rainfall – if not installed appropriately. While the idea of a flat roof being perfectly flat is expected, it’s simply untrue. Ideal flat roofs will have a slightly risen centre, in order for water to naturally flow off of the surface of the roof.

Flat Roof Use and Suitability

In many parts of the world, people don’t even consider flat roofs pros and cons. They’re commonly used as the main roof covering for homes of all shapes and sizes – but more commonly in warmer climates.

This is true for countries such as Israel and Turkey. These type of roofs offer not only sufficient protection from the elements, but they also provide a great living space for a rooftop garden, or a convenient place to dry your clothes.

UK Too Cool for Flat Roofs

Unfortunately, for those of us residing in the UK we’re far more likely to get wet feet than suffer from sunburn. The requirement and benefits of a flat roof suddenly don’t seem suitable; however, there are flat roofs pros and cons still to consider.

Flat roofs are actually ideal upper coverings for many rooms and structures, such as:

If You’re Planning a Short-Term or Long-Term Extension

Flat roofs are a popular option among property owners, due to both their affordability and adaptability. Flat roofs can keep the cost of your extension down, with minimal interference to your everyday life.

If you’re considering adding an additional room above your new extension at a later date, a flat roof could also make the transition to a multi-story extension much easier.

If You Want to Protect Your Vehicle

Choose a flat roof solution made from carbon fibre for your garage. This will minimise any risk of puncture points to the roof’s surface, which could result in excessive flooding.

If You Have a Shed

These days, sheds are used for so much more than just being a place to store old tools and DIY relics. It’s not uncommon to store goods worth thousands of pounds in an outdoor shed either.

Homes are becoming much smaller, and a significant number of students and youngsters are living in their parents’ gardens! People even put their offices out back these days!

7 Flat Roofs Pros And Cons To Ponder

For homes with limited garden space, a flat roof also provides you with the option to create a beautiful roof garden or barbecue spot – which can be used to entertain guests, and relax in!

Flat Roofs Pros and Cons: Key Points To Consider

When considering any build on your residential property, no matter how big or small, the first thing people think about is how the build disrupt their lives, and to what degree.

Key benefits when comparing flat roofs props and cons is that flat roofs are quicker to install. This means less noise, less workmen on your property, and less damage to your bank balance.

If you’ve entered a room beneath a pitched roof, you’ll often find ugly, severe angles which can make a room feel small and cave-like. Rooms situated beneath flat roofs can have more head room, allowing for more living space.

For homes with limited garden space, a flat roof also provides you with the option to create a beautiful roof garden or barbecue spot – which can be used to entertain guests, and relax in.

Heat Absorption

Flat roofs do, however, absorb a lot of heat. Due to their flat structure, heat is driven to the surface and this can warm the room below.

To avoid disappointment, be sure that you don’t mind the room below getting a heat injection during the warmer months. Another common issue, often observed in cases where unprofessional firms have taken a flat roof job, is a sagging centre forming.

This may be caused by both rainwater, and employing cheap, ineffective materials.

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