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7 Perennial Garden Bed Ideas To Love Up Your Landscaping

perennial garden bed ideas

When designing your new front garden and driveway, a huge part of that project will be the choice of planting. You need plants that will offer good colour, and will stand up to the rigours of being near parking cars and the roadway.

Ultimately, you need hardy plants, and most perennial gardens are the perfect choice for this environment. Plus they require very little maintenance, and will give colour year after year.

A great looking driveway will often include a sweeping or curved design, that incorporates corner border garden beds and planting along these edges. This softens the look of the driveway, and allows the surface to have an identifiable edge.

This is perfect for driveways that needs to allow for run-off of water as these strips of garden provide the perfect spot for drainage. Using perennial plants in the borders will improve this softened look even more, as the following article reveals…

What Is A Perennial Plant?

The official definition of a perennial is a plant that lives for longer than two years. In reality, these plants often live for much longer. The name differentiates these plants from annuals (lasts one year), or biennials (last two years).

A perennial is not, however, a tree or a shrub which can last for many years; they are smaller flowering plants that bloom in the Spring and Summer, and then die back over the Winter.

Usually, they will grow back without any help in the Spring, but some gardeners do offer them a little help by keeping them warm with mulch or insulation over the Winter months – just to ensure that they survive.

It is possible to find perennials that provide year long green foliage for a lush look that lasts, but it is the annual colour that they are most famed for.

However, when they do die off in the Autumn, they usually die back to the ground, leaving your garden looking empty, but giving you the chance to clear up weeds ready for the new season, when the perennial will emerge from the ground once more.

Naturally, these plants are perfect for the lazy gardener who does not want to dig out plants each year and replace them. This is also quite costly. Your front garden can look dense and lush all year round, and especially in the Summer with just one set of expenditure, making this a great budget friendly option.

perennial garden bed ideas

Essentially, you don’t want to overwhelm the space; far better to have a few statement shrubs, than an overwhelming mix of flowers, that can be hard to maintain

8 Ideas To Perk Up Your Perennial Garden Bed

It may seem like a good idea to randomly plant perennials, and hope for a good mix of colour and flowers; however, in practice, this approach rarely works.

It is important to design the bedding and planting carefully for maximum effect and longevity of colour.

Idea No.1: Use Uniform Sizing For Plants Against Fencing:

Perennial garden beds are usually designed with the taller plants towards the back, and the smaller ones to the front. This can look quite uniformed, but does have the disadvantage of the taller plants shading the smaller ones.

It does, however, work well against a fence or hedge, where the garden bed will only be viewed from the front.

Idea No.2: Get Creative With Central Areas:

If your driveway has a central area that is driven around, you can be more daring with your perennial layout.

You can have the taller plants in the centre, and move out towards the smaller ones on the edges. That way, the design can be viewed from all sides.

Idea No.3: Add Some Annuals And Evergreen Shrubs For Year Round Colour:

Mixed borders are very popular, and even with perennials, it is possible to add enough different plants to achieve a consistent injection of colour throughout even the gloomier months of the year.

You may wish to also add some annuals to extend the life of the colour in your garden.

Idea No.4: Scale The Space To Ensure Maximum Impact:

Remember to keep everything to scale. You might want taller plants near your house, but smaller nearer to your front picket fence.

perennial garden bed ideas

Make sure you are aware of your soil type, and the best plants that will grow where you live. This will save you substantial time in the long run, and that inevitable moment when you realise your perennial simply isn’t going to flower

Idea No.5: Harmonise Your Garden With Your Property’s Frontage:

If your driveway design and your home is relaxed in style, your perennial garden bed should be the same.

Equally, a formal home and straight driveway may require a more formal and traditional bedding layout.

Idea No.6: Set Aside Additional Space For Growth:

Take close note of how large the perennials you have chosen will grow including the width. Make sure you leave enough room for expansion.

Perennials can be moved at a later date if necessary, but you want to avoid this if you can.

Idea No.7: Source The Right Soil Type For Your Foliage:

Make sure you are aware of your soil type, and the best plants that will grow where you live. This will save you substantial time in the long run, and that inevitable moment when you realise your perennial simply isn’t going to flower.

Perennials tend to like moist conditions, making them ideal for areas next to a driveway where water run off is a problem.

Idea No.8: Grow Grasses To Welcome Wildlife:

Perennials work well with grasses and flax, as this offers a meadow like quality to your garden-and opportunities for complete customisation; grasses come in a wide range of colours and hues.

The overall aesthetics may seem less formal than you want, but this wild look is very eco friendly, and encourages all kinds of wildlife amongst your new greenery.

perennial garden bed ideas

Your front garden project is about so much more than simply adding a space for your car. It is about improving the look of the front of your home, increasing the value of your home, providing a haven for wildlife, protecting the environment from water related issues

Perennials: The Perfect Complement To A Resin Bound Driveway

A resin bound driveway is a more creative option when it comes to improving your front garden. The process of combining aggregates with resin allows you to choose the colour you desire. This process means you can match it to your plans for the perennial garden beds.

Resin bound driveways also allow for free drainage of water from your driveway surface. This can then make its way into the borders, and give your garden the water it needs. You won’t need to water it as often, improving your water bills, and protecting the environment into the bargain.

The government has introduced legislation that states that all front gardens that have been paved over must have added drainage to ensure issues with water run-off are dealt with. The addition of garden beds in the front garden are an effective and beautiful way to meet these requirements.

A resin bound driveway is what you might call a perennial driveway. Once laid (planted), it needs very little maintenance, and will look great year after year. Just like your bedding plants, you can do the minimum of work on your driveway, and have that colour and style on an ongoing basis.

Create a garden of utmost distinction, by pairing perennials with SUDs friendly surfacing. Take the first step to transforming your exterior space today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!