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7 Small Flower Plants For Home That Are Easy To Maintain

7 Small Flower Plants For Home That Are Easy To Maintain

If you happen to live in an apartment or a house with no garden, you might have thought that the only way you can get flowers into your life is by buying them at the florist. But there is another way.

There are a number of plants that are small enough to be indoors and which can bring year-round colour to your home in the way of beautiful blooms. All you need to do is choose ones that are easy to care for and which will offer colour most of the time.

In fact, if you choose well, you can have a flowering indoor plant for most of the year. Intrigued? All will be revealed in the following article…

Looking After Your Small Flower Plants: 5 Top Tips

Before you decide to buy a whole load of flowering houseplants you need to make sure that you understand the basics of looking after indoor plants. Plants that flower tend to be quite expensive to buy, so you want to be sure you won’t kill them off after just a short time.

Below is a short list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to the care of your houseplants:

● Do water your plants often enough, but don’t overwater them. Use your finger to make that decision. By inserting your finger into the soil, you can tell if it needs water or not. Also, take special care not to overwater, as drowning your plants is never a good idea.
● Use feed on your plants only if it is recommended. Many houseplants can survive perfectly well without any type of plant feed, while others will be improved by a regular feed added to their water.
● Remember to repot your plants as soon as they become root bound – or preferably before. A plant that is struggling to contain itself in its pot will not have enough nutrients. This will mean fewer flowers, and possibly even a dead plant.
● Learn the best way to cut back the plant to ensure it grows fresh stems that can contain buds for more flowers. This often means cutting the stem just above an offshoot to give that offshoot the chance to thrive.
● Keep your flowering plants away from direct heat whether that is a radiator or open fire, or a window that is in direct sunlight. Your plants will appreciate light during the day, but may prefer a less sunny spot.

There are so many flowering plants that you can choose from. We have listed a few here to inspire you – but don’t be afraid to choose something more exotic.

Flowering indoor plants really are not that hard to look after and you might find they are somewhat addictive. Learn more about how you can transform your interior space today, by simply clicking the button below!

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7 Small Flower Plants For Home That Are Easy To Maintain

Small Flower Plant Option No.1: African Violets

With its pretty purple flowers, this is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. It comes in hundreds of different varieties with various shaped flowers and leaves and loves a slightly sunny spot.

When watering you should avoid letting the water touch the leaves as this will causes brown spots. It might be better to water into the drip tray, and allow the roots to find the water.

These plants will bloom almost all year if they have regular bouts of sunlight. They can grow as high as 8 inches.

Small Flower Plant Option No.2: Hibiscus Plants

These plants are originally from tropical climates and the flowers are a beautiful apricot shade – but they can range from orange through to blue. The blooms are large but the plant still remains small.

The hibiscus can be trained to grow as a tree, if you want to take it outside, but it can also be kept small for your home.

The more light this plant receives the longer the blooms will last, but there will be periods in the Winter when all the blooms will fall. It can grow as tall as 6 feet, but you can keep it small by keeping it in a small pot.

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7 Small Flower Plants For Home That Are Easy To Maintain

Small Flower Plant Option No.3: The Peace Lily

Anyone who loves lilies as cut flowers, will truly appreciate this houseplant version. With lush green leaves and beautiful white flowers, it has a exquisitely sophisticated look. It will bloom best during the Summer, but in the Winter, it may still have one or two blooms.

This plant thrives in low light and low humidity, making it the perfect indoor plant. It can grow as tall as 6 foot – but it is worth noting that this lily is poisonous, so be careful of children and animals.

Small Flower Plant Option No.4: Jasmine

If you are looking for a flowering houseplant this is pretty and smells divine at the same time, the jasmine is a great choice. With plenty of water, this is one of the easiest plants to grow, and it will produce tiny white and pink flowers with a pleasantly powerful scent.

This plant can grow as tall at 4 ft, and it prefers a bright sunlit spot to grow in.

Small Flower Plant Option No.5: Geranium

This classic plant features large blooms in a variety of colours that are complemented by bright green leaves. These are considered to be the easiest of indoor plants to grow, which is why they are the ones you might find at the supermarket.

They can grow as tall as three feet in the right bright, sunlit conditions. The soil should be kept dry and the smell can be lovely on some varieties, while others barely smell at all.

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7 Small Flower Plants For Home That Are Easy To Maintain

Small Flower Plant Option No.6: Orchid

It is possibly to pick up flowering orchids at almost any supermarket, and they are one of the easiest to look after, despite their reputations. The long straight or curved stems can often hold several blooms each, and the ornamental look can give your home a distinctly modern feel.

With various colours available including white and pink, these are a great plant to have for the long term. They can flower all year with the right amount of light, but they do tend to go dormant in the Winter, and revived in the Spring.

Note that it is normal for the roots to grow outside of the soil, as they take nutrients from the air rather than the soil itself.

Small Flower Plant Option No.7: Begonia

A begonia can sometimes reach as tall as 6 foot, but the smaller varieties make great indoor plants. With small flowers and attractive foliage, they are perfect as a blast of colour in your living room. They prefer medium to bright light and should be watered regularly.

Even when the blooms fall in the winter, the leaves still make for a beautiful plant that you will appreciate.

Indoor plants may be a bit scary at first (no one likes to kill off a perfectly good plant) but if you can look after your plants according to the instructions and you have enough light in your home, you will find that your indoor flowering plants will last much longer than you might expect and you will get pleasure from them month after month.

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