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8 Innovative Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

landscaping ideas on a budget

Having a beautiful home is about much more than the new kitchen, fancy bathroom and interior paint job – it is also about the outside and, in particular, the landscaping. We all know that landscaping, new driveways, decking, gazebos and planting can cost a fortune.

So how do we improve the look of our garden, without blowing the budget by doing so?

A study of estate agents carried out in 2017 has found that it is possible to increase the value of your home by as much as 20% just by making some significant changes to the landscaping of your garden.

They discovered that good quality paving or a patio was the second most important improvement a homeowner could make – after installing a decent sized shed.

Other ideas like artificial grass, outdoor lighting, decking and garden furniture all added to the value of the home, and made it possible to increase its value. Most of these are relatively easy to achieve, and can be done on a reasonable budget.

This is all very well. But what if you simply don’t have the money to make these changes. What can you do on a radically restricted budget to improve your landscaping anyway? It’s time to find out…

Budget Landscaping Idea No.1: Have A Spruce Up

There’s a good chance that there is a decent looking garden hiding underneath the overgrown trees, unkempt driveway, and long grass.

All it needs is a little elbow grease, a few weekends of back breaking work, and a few easily available tools; and you could have a great looking garden on your hands, without any significant outlay.

Things like the edgings of your pathways and driveway, topping up gravel paths, painting fences and furniture and other easy to achieve items can make all the difference. There really is nothing better than getting out the lawn mower, and taking care of your grass. A beautiful lawn can be the making of any garden.

landscaping ideas on a budget

Budget Landscaping Idea No.2: Add A Path

A well chosen path that becomes a spectacular focal point of your garden can be the perfect way to bring your landscaping to life. Using a resin bound system, you can choose a pathway colour that will offset the house and set your garden apart.

Resin bound material simply mixes resin and aggregate together, before applying it to a simple base. If you already have a suitable pathway, you may just be able to add the resin mix to your existing path, and really jazz it up.

Ditto your driveway – although this may be slightly more costly. If you want to save money and ensure the job is carried out correctly, just big up the pathway yourself, and prepare it for the contractor; it really will save you money.

Budget Landscaping Idea No.3: Fill Your Flower Beds

Once you have dug over your flower beds and discovered them again, you should fill them with colour. There is no need to buy expensive plants, just choose cheap and cheerful perennials, such as geraniums, and they will grow again each year, giving you that colour you want.

In fact, you can even remove some to another part of the garden each year as they spread and grow. It might cost you around £40 for around 6 plants, but they will last almost forever. You can add to these plants every year, and your borders will soon be full of life and colour almost all year round.

landscaping ideas on a budget

You need to ensure your concrete driveway is suitable, but this can save you a good portion of the cost, and you will have a great looking driveway that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Budget Landscaping Idea No.4: Add Some Lighting

Lighting in the garden doesn’t have to involve costly outdoor electricity points and cables under the garden. You can always choose solar or battery lights that require nothing more than to be switched on in the evening.

Fairy lights in trees, cane lights stuck into the soil, pathway lights at your feet, and lights attached to the walls of your house can all bring ambience and comfort- and all at a very low cost.

Budget Landscaping Idea No.5: Consider Upgrading Your Driveway

Usually, a new driveway will cost what seems like a fortune, but as part of an overall landscaping project, your driveway plays a huge role. Making it look the very best you can on your budget should be a top priority.

One way is to top it up with gravel, but another is to have it paved with a resin bound mixture. As already mentioned, this driveway type can be laid directly onto a concrete sub-base, making it a great option for anyone on a budget.

Budget Landscaping Idea No.6: Embrace Your Curves

Many gardens have patches of lawn that are squares or rectangles, with very little interest. In the same way that a sweeping driveway is dramatic and opulent looking, a curved lawn can look more designed and less haphazard. It is easy to simply take your current lawn and give it a curve or two.

Use a can of spray paint to mark out the lines you wish to take, and then use a spade to remove the sods. The larger borders can then be used for various plantings to give your garden (front and back) a softer and more appealing feel.

landscaping ideas on a budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your garden landscaping to achieve incredible things. However, even by spending a small amount, you are bound to increase the value of your home by an even greater amount. This is a win win, and will make you feel like the effort was really worthwhile

Budget Landscaping Idea No.7: Reuse And Recycle

Gardens that have seating areas, small structures, and interesting artefacts are always more appealing than plain gardens. You want to enjoy the outdoor area, after all.

Rather than spend a fortune at your local DIY store, you can always recycle things like sleepers, old fence panels, reclaimed garden benches and tables and even old tree stumps. Turning these into usable items in your garden can really transform it for the better, and will ensure that fewer items go to landfill.

Budget Landscaping Idea No.8: Add Some Colour

The simple act of painting your fence and shed can transform your garden from boring to interesting in a flash. A black wall makes the perfect backdrop to a vegetable garden, as the green leaves add depth and even a little drama.

Terracotta can turn your patio into a Mediterranean sun trap, while white will bounce light around and give even the smallest garden a feeling of space and light.

A resin bound driveway or path can also be produced in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. Your choice of aggregate can range from white stones to black slate and everything in between.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your garden landscaping to achieve incredible things. However, even by spending a small amount, you are bound to increase the value of your home by an even greater amount. This is a win win, and will make you feel like the effort was really worthwhile.

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