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9 Of The Best Bushes For Landscaping A Large Garden

best bushes for landscaping a large garden

If you are landscaping your front or back garden, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the right mix of plants to get the best effect.

Bushes are a great way to get an architectural look to your garden as they can be trimmed to all kinds of shapes and they come in many different sizes and colours, including varieties that bloom into beautiful flowers.

If you have recently had your driveway relaid, you may also be able to include bushes as part of your landscaping scheme to achieve a manicured look that you will love.

They say that first impressions count and when it comes to your garden this is especially the case. Choosing the best bushes for your garden can make the difference between a garden that is practical and one that is lovely to look at.

Best of all by improving your garden you are able to improve the value of your home by as much as 20% making bushes and shrubs an excellent investment in your property.

What Is A Garden Bush?

We may think of a bush as being a small plant that is quite literally bushy, with plenty of foliage and a rounded shape. In fact, the word bush is a collective term for all kinds of shrubs – generally larger and bushier ones.

A shrub is a plant that is woody in nature and grows in a similar way to a tree, but has more branches and less trunk. Often they are evergreens and have lush leaves and flowers for most of the year.

Bushes comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can often be trimmed to get the right shape. You can chose those that have close or dense leaves to achieve a box hedge look or you have have looser foliage that offers a more unstructured shape. Some bushes also offer flowers and will bloom year after year.

One of the best things about shrubs and bushes is that they can live for as long as 30 years, giving a sense of permanence to your garden and allowing you to build your garden around these staple items.

You can also train it to fit a certain position and create a backdrop for other items in your garden. They provide shade for other plants or smaller bushes can be used to fill small spaces and to provide edgings to your borders.

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best bushes for landscaping a large garden

Bushes For Landscaping: An Overview

The difference between a garden that has been landscaped and one that has not is the in the layout and how it has been cultivated.

Gardens that have borders, pathways, driveways and patios, alongside carefully selected shrubs, flowers, trees and bushes will have a more landscaped look and will therefore appreciate the structured look that some bushes can provide.

By keeping the bushes trimmed to certain shapes and sizes, you can create a garden that feels more formal, while still appreciating the simplicity that comes from a plant that gives you flowers year after year (and great foliage into the bargain.)

Looking After Your Bushes: 4 Top Tips

● Bushes prefer to be watered occasionally, rather than regularly, and can survive in all kinds of soil. The larger the shrub, the more water it will need; but the stronger the root system that supports it.
● You should prune or trim the bush as often as it needs it, but at least once per year. This will allow it to maintain the shape and you can even train it to develop a certain shape depending on your requirements.
● Small bushes can be used as edgings for your driveways and paths and these can be purchased as dwarf shrubs. These need very little looking after, and will not grow bigger than 1 metre in total. In fact many are significantly smaller.
● Bushes will survive in many types of soil, but if you have particularly sandy or clay filled soil, you should choose bushes that are designed for these types of soil conditions. This is also the case for sunny or shady positions in the garden.

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best bushes for landscaping a large garden

Bushes For Landscaping: What Are My Options?

When choosing bushes for your garden you need to think about the colour and the shape to achieve a pleasing overall look. In particular decide if you are going to use flowering shrubs that may look spindly after the flowering season or shrubs that will maintain their good looks year round.

By mixing the two, you won’t have a garden that loses its appeal come the Winter.

Some excellent choices are listed below:

Azaleas Or Rhododendrons:

these are available in a number of striking colours and will bloom all the way through spring and into summer.

Due to the larger size, these work well as shading plants and can fill a border while providing space beneath for smaller shrubs.


These bloom is a wonderful yellow flower and offer a splash of colour in the spring.

These work well as a screening plant and once again can fill a border or line a driveway.


These come in pink, blue or white flowers and are known for offering large impressive blooms that look great indoors and out.

These look great in an informal setting, but equally can be used alongside other more close structured plants to give a burst of colour.


Rose shrubs or bushes are often thought of as difficult to grow. In fact, once you know how to prune them, they are can a long lasting and beautiful source of colour in your garden.

They are an excellent backdrop for other flowers and shrubs and can be trained to grow into a certain shape and size.

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best bushes for landscaping a large garden


This is the most common form of bush and are ideal for edgings and gardens fences or walled gardens.

These bushes can be trimmed into almost any shape, but obviously work well in a box-like shape.


This evergreen is low growing and is used in many landscaping projects due to its ability to fill empty spaces between larger plantings and trees.


Known for its gorgeous red berries and spindly leaves, this is much more than just a Christmas plant. It works well as a screening plant or as a backdrop of other plants.

It can grow very large, so it needs to be pruned to keep it in shape.


These blooms are very fragrant and are one of the most popular for giving your garden a lovely scent.

They work well when planted in clumps for more of a visual appeal and can work well as screening plants.

Witch Hazel:

The yellow bloom on this tree give an amazing scent and the tree like structure mean that it works well in a larger garden where more structure is needed.

Choosing the right bushes for landscaping can be tricky and you don’t want to make the wrong choices as these plants will last a long time. But with some careful thought and planting you will find that these bushes and more will give you many years of joy.

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