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Air Quality At Home...

Air Quality at Home


We live fast these days, full stop. Whatever you are currently chasing after, a new career, finishing a project, closing that elusive sale, none of this matters unless you are in good health.

Sadly, our health and wellbeing is being pushed more and more down the list of “to dos”, to be looked after when we have completed with those outstanding tasks, still, time allowing, at home.

And it is at home indeed, where we want to recuperate, slow down and take a deep breath of … clean air.

In November, the whole of the UK focuses on lung cancer awareness, symptoms, diagnosis, therapies and coping strategies to help fend off any set backs this illness can bring upon ourselves, as well as our loved ones.

Air Quality At Home

In our contribution towards supporting Lung Awareness Month for November 2017, we updated and listed a collection of articles that address the matter of poor air quality at home, lung health problems connected with certain insulation materials and share a few tips on how to improve air quality inside of your home.