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Are Resin Driveways Expensive? The Definitive Answer

Are Resin Driveways Expensive

Resin driveways are fast becoming the most popular driveway choice for households across the UK as their commercial usage increases, and the benefits become better known.

This is resulting in more of us flocking online to check up on details, companies and investigate the product specifications in detail.

There’s lots to learn: what are resin driveways made of? What are the benefits of resin driveways over more traditional products? Are resin driveways expensive? We have the answers, and we’re here to share them in the following article…

What Are Resin Driveways Made Of?

Resin driveways are not made up of pure resin, but rather pieces of stone, recycled glass, marble and other natural aggregate mixed within it. Each piece is coated in clear resin and the mixture is then blended to give an even spread of each piece type.

This wet, sticky mixture is either poured into a sub-grid (a thick plastic grid of rectangles or squares laid over the ground) or over an existing solid driveway and left to dry out and ‘cure’. Once thoroughly dried, it produces a smooth and even surface that is hard-wearing and strong.

The pieces within the blended substance can be mixed and matched to give a colour, shape or size blend that fits the customer’s requirements. This allows for the driveway to be matched or complementary to the property’s existing exterior aesthetic.

What Are The Benefits?

Resin driveways are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand even the heaviest of vehicle usage and footfall, which is why they’re increasingly used in the likes of kids’ playgrounds and major shopping mall car parks.

Resin won’t scuff, crack or damage and is essentially wipe-clean, so keeps a neat and tidy appearance year-round, no matter the weather, with minimum maintenance.

Unlike traditional tarmac, concrete and paving blocks, resin driveways are porous and so allow for the natural drainage of moisture through the surface and into the earth.

In line with SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) building standards, resin driveways promote the natural drainage of moisture without re-routing through pipe installation or water courses.

This natural drainage has a more noticeable benefit too: no standing water on the surface, means that there’s no opportunity for pooling or puddles!

Despite being porous, resin driveways do not allow for weeds to grow through them. There’s also no danger of loose stones or breakage, due to their innate resilience.

The durability and drainage of resin driveways mean that they last considerably longer than more traditional driveway products and paving.

Are Resin Driveways Expensive

As one of the UK’s leading providers of construction and home improvements, we have a specialist team of resin driveway technicians available to travel and install nationwide!

Are Resin Driveways Expensive?

The price of a resin driveway is dependent on many factors, including (but not limited to):

  • The Specific Mixture: With a variety of stones, materials and finishes available, the selection made can impact on the cost. It also allows for even awkwardly shaped areas to be covered without the cutting or shaping of stones
  • The Area To Be Covered: Some firms will quote on a cost per square metre basis, whilst others will quote for the entire, designated area. The larger the driveway, the higher the estimate.
  • Quality Of Workmanship: Cheaper companies are often those with less experience, qualifications and a general, slapdash approach. Installers with full British Board of Agrement accreditation, may be more expensive, but will deliver a value for money service, with a quality that can’t be beaten.

How To Get The Very Best Deal For Your Driveway

As one of the UK’s leading providers of construction and home improvements, we have a specialist team of resin driveway technicians available to travel and install nationwide.

Our talented team of staff will deliver free assessments, advice and quotations, with no obligation to buy.

Keep your surfacing costs in check, by refurbishing your driveway with resin. Take the first step to transforming your existing driveway for good, by calling 0800 1700 636, or simply clicking the button below!