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Average Cost of Asphalt Roof Replacement

average cost of asphalt roof replacement

The phrase, ‘a man’s home is his castle’, isn’t really applicable in a literal sense, unless you actually happen to live in a castle. Furthermore, if you do happen to live in a castle then the average cost of asphalt roof replacement is not going to be at the top of your list of priorities.

You’re probably more likely to be worried about your crumbling turrets, the stirring unrest amongst the local townsfolk and your pet dragon’s increasingly uncontrollable fire-breathing capabilities.

Thankfully, the majority of us don’t have to deal with the stress of training a dragon or the petty politics of getting the local townspeople onside.

Crumbling turrets, however, are much the same as crumbling asphalt roofs and this article is designed to inform both castle owners from the 15th century and homeowners who live in the 21st century!

My 15th Century Turrets are Crumbling – I Don’t Know What to Do!

If your turrets are crumbling and you are worried about the structural security of your castle, then simply raise taxes!

Send your dragon on a fly over of the nearby village and have him breathe fire on a couple of goats to instil grave fear into the locals. Any uprising from the villagers will immediately be quashed, and you can use the additional tax levy to fix all of your turrets. Job done!

My 21st Century Asphalt Roof is Crumbling – I Don’t Know What To Do!

You’ve got two options here:

Option 1

Firstly, visit all of the neighbours on your street and inform them that you are levying taxes against them and that you will be collecting an agreed amount on the 1st of every month.

Tell them that if they fail to pay, then you will unleash the wrath of your pet dragon on them.

Next, you will need a dragon; this will be problematic however due to the fact that they do not exist. To counter this problem, you will have to construct your own dragon from papier-mâché, sellotape and a gas cylinder.

Depending on how realistic your homemade dragon is, you may or may not be met with success in your tax collecting endeavours. If you manage to fashion a believable dragon, then your neighbours will no doubt pay up pronto and you can use this money to fix your roof.

If your neighbours refuse to pay up, then it is time to move on to Option 2.

Option 2

You will have to pay for your roof yourself and you will need to start researching the average cost of asphalt roof replacement. Sorry!

average cost of asphalt roof replacement

Average Cost of Asphalt Roof Replacement

A survey carried out by Which? magazine used 20 professional roofers as its source and calculated the average cost of asphalt roof replacement based upon the 20 quotes that they received.

The average cost of asphalt roof replacement on a conservatory measuring 3.3 metres by 3 metres was found to be £1,380 with an average job time of one-to-two days. It should be noted that this figure includes labour costs and the use of the most economical materials.

Things to Consider

It is important to remember that these are average figures and that price quotations may vary considerably depending on your geographic location within the UK.

Another crucial factor to consider is how easy it will be to gain access to the roof that you would like to replace. Roofs that are of a height of one storey or less will not require the use of scaffolding. Whereas roofs that are above one storey in height will generally incur the additional labour costs of installing temporary scaffolding.

There is also a range of materials available that can all affect the average cost of asphalt roof replacement.

Ways to Save Money

Take your time to properly research the average cost of asphalt roof replacement within your local area. It’s a clever idea to get a few quotes for yourself and read local online reviews of the companies who are providing you with the quote.

The company that provides you with the best quote may not necessarily be the best reviewed. In such an instance, there is nothing to lose if you politely ask your favoured company if they would be willing to match the cheapest quote that you have been given.


Roofing is an often-undervalued profession that involves daily health and safety risks and a specific knowledge of specialist tools and materials. It is not advisable that you attempt to fit more complicated roofing materials such as metal and fiberglass yourself.

Most major DIY retailers, however, do sell asphalt roll roofing as this is relatively simple to lay and very economical.

You should also be aware that you would be working at height and the increased stress of undertaking the job yourself may outweigh the potential savings on labour.

With this in mind, you should seriously consider whether it’s better to just refocus your energies on building a better papier-mâché dragon and having your neighbours pay for your new roof instead!

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