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The Benefits of Double Glazed Doors and Windows



In this comprehensive guide, we are going to look at seven of the benefits of double glazed doors and windows, covering a wide variety of perks that may encourage readers to wisely invest in the home improvements. In addition to this, we’ll also explore a couple of disadvantages, out of fairness. Let’s roll!

1. Reduces Energy Consumption

With a reduced need for gas to heat your home, the benefits of double glazed doors and windows become immediately apparent.
The domino effect of double glazing is that the heat that stays in your home reduces the demand for further heating, meaning your energy consumption goes down, as well as your gas bills. Result!

2. Increases Resale Value

The value of your home often increases by more than the cost of the double glazed windows, once installed.

Not only does the home look better, but its energy performance rating increases considerably, meaning that the new owner will be aware that their energy bills will be reduced.

Put simply, double glazing makes older properties more desirable to prospective buyers.

3. Warm Winters

Of all the benefits of double glazed doors and windows, this is probably the most well-known one overall-and with good reason.

Over 40% more heat is lost through single glazed windows, than with their double glazed equivalents.

As a form of insulation, windows not only help keep hallowed heat inside; also welcome in some of the illustrious Winter sun as well.

4. Cool Summers

Double glazing doesn’t just keep your home warm in the Winter- it also keeps it cool during those lazy, hazy days of Summer as well!

The idea is to create a pleasant year-round temperature, protecting you from extremes of heat and cold, that consistently compromise comfort.

5. Less Condensation

Condensation is far from a trivial matter. If left unchecked, it can lead to all manner of subsequent struggles, including mould and mildew, which ultimately play havoc with health.

And it doesn’t end there.

If it remains unaddressed for too long, persistent damp results in rotting (wooden) window frames, which are not only unsightly, but a security issue as well, increasing ease of access to unwanted intruders.

Removing this moisture will prevent these problems from appearing, especially in older homes.

If you want to retain the aesthetics of wood, but reduce the resultant problems, then wood effect UPVC offers a savvy solution.

6. Acoustic Soundproofing

Double glazing is 60% more effective at sound reduction than single glazing. This is one of the main benefits of double glazed windows and doors for people who live in a noisy community, or close to motorways and airports.

Double glazing’s impressive soundproofing properties also prove a glorious Godsend to shift workers, keeping noise infiltration from outside to an absolute minimum during the daytime.

7. Improved Security

For burglars, seeing a double-glazed window or door provides a greater deterrent than a single glazed one, as it’s a far greater obstacle to get through.

Put simply, it’s much more difficult to break through, and will create a louder noise if smashed. The option of toughened glass takes overall levels of security, to ever greater heights.




Disadvantages of Double Glazed Doors and Windows

It wouldn’t be fair to the integrity of this article if we didn’t tell you about a couple of disadvantages as well. Let’s explore each drawback in a little more detail:

1. Double glazed doors and windows aren't indestructible

With great care, double glazed windows and doors can last decades, but unfortunately, you can’t always protect them from the onslaught of the elements.

In some cases, the seal that protects the trapped air between the panes comes detached from the frame itself, encouraging air to escape.

If this happens, the window cannot be repaired, and must be replaced in its entirety. Being made of glass, the potential for being smashed exists, but is relatively unlikely.

2. Double glazed doors and windows don't always suit older properties

Classical houses that are hundreds of years old inevitably need updating. But just how do you set about achieving this, without compromising on charm and character?

For many, blindingly bright white UPVC just doesn’t cut the muster, as it detracts from period features, rather than harmonising with their historic intrigue.

Thankfully, this need not be an issue.

Over time, window styles have become ever more sophisticated, enabling frames to retain the eye-catching aesthetics of wood, whilst enhancing overall functionality.

In this respect, wood effect UPVC offers the most obvious solution overall.

As you can see, the benefits of double glazed doors and windows far outweigh the negative aspects. So, are you ready to go through our online quoting process to find your perfect doors and windows? Come right this way…