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Best Exterior Masonry Paint: The Essential Lowdown

Best Exterior Masonry Paint

There are multiple brands and types of masonry paint available, all aimed at helping cover your external bricks or masonry, smooth them over, and help make your exterior walls more waterproof.

Yet the best exterior masonry paint blocks 95% of moisture from passing through and doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics of your home – you don’t need to cover it in white or coloured paint and lose its original features to protect and warm your property!

The best exterior masonry paint is Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation.

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation is a chemical spray that is applied directly onto external walls and surfaces. It can be applied to brick, sandstone, concrete or mortar, and penetrates up to 17mm into the surface to form a protective barrier.

This barrier impedes water from being absorbed into the surface, increasing its thermal properties greatly. Studies have shown that just 5% damp content within an external surface can reduce its thermal efficiency by up to 50% – so it simply can’t be risked.

The performance of Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation has been tested and proven using the EN ISO 15148:2002 best practice industry standards.

Masonry Paint Repels Moisture

When surfaces become damp and hold moisture within them, they act as a thermal bridge, transferring more heat through them and amplifying the temperature that affects this.

This makes it extremely easy for the external brickwork or masonry on your home to cool the interior wall cavities, and hinder the performance of internal wall insulation.

Indeed, if moisture is able to pass through the external walls and absorb into interior insulation, it almost entirely depletes its performance, rendering it almost completely ineffective.

Best Exterior Masonry Paint

Masonry Paint Protects Against Pollutants

Once you’ve invested in insulation products for the interior your home, this is an inadvertent hindrance that can affect the comfort they should be providing.

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation doesn’t just protect against water, but also pollutants such as dirt, moss, algae, sand and oil; as these too will be unable to penetrate into the porous surfaces and corrode away at the material. The best thing?

These substances will wash away with water, so as soon as it rains, your walls will clean themselves and leave you without any further effort to keep the exterior of your property looking spick and span.

Unlike over-the-counter masonry paint, Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation should only be installed by specialist technicians, in order to ensure that it is applied in the safest and most effective way.

Exterior Masonry Paint : The Step-By-Step Installation Process

Once applied, Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee, before any top-up sprays will be required.

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation technicians will first attend any property to evaluate and recommend on its suitability for the surfaces, and to supply a full and detailed quote – for free, and with no obligation to purchase.

The most efficient way to apply Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation so that it can perform at its best is to thoroughly clean the surfaces first. All surfaces are first pressure washed to strip away any accumulated dirt.

If there are any traces of moss, mould or algae, these will be treated with fungicide to prevent any re-occurrence, particularly through the new insulation layer.

Damaged render will be replaced or repaired, and any cracks ground down to remove debris before being filled and sealed. All work will be carried out to keep repairs looking as consistent with the existing masonry appearance as possible.

Any areas to which the Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation spray won’t be applied are covered and masked before a priming coat, and finally the spray itself, are applied.

Before the technicians leave, they will remove all masking and clean and clear the site area.

Adhering to the Which? Trusted Traders professional code of conduct, Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation installers will leave your property the way they found it, and remain open and approachable throughout – so if you have any questions or queries, you can ask them for information.

They also agree to only carry out work appropriate for the property and to stick strictly to budgets and timelines agreed with the homeowners to deliver the best possible service.

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation is an investment to help bolster the performance of your existing home insulation and to better protect the exterior of your property.

For more information, read up on third party review website TrustPilot to see existing customers’ thoughts and opinions, and then click the button below to get in touch with our expert team today!