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10 Best Household Plants For Low Light Conditions

best household plants for low light

There is always one side of the house that will be perpetually in the dark or where there are only small windows. Whether it is the basement, the toilet or the living room, you still want to be able to decorate the space with houseplants and know they will thrive in the low light.

Choosing plants that are suitable for these conditions is essential, and luckily there are plenty of plants that fit the bill.

With that in mind, here’s the top 10 house plants for shadier internal conditions, along with some top tips and tricks to take care of them…

Why Have Houseplants?

Most of us choose to add houseplants to our home because they add a little colour and interest to our decor. But actually they provide much more than that. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have stated that houseplants can improve both our physical and our psychological health.

They are shown in various studies to reduce stress in the workplace, to increase productivity, and even to increase the attention span. When used in hospitals, they can increase tolerance to pain.

When it comes to physical benefits, these include fewer breathing problems due to the improve air quality, reduce blood pressure, tiredness and fatigue (as much as 25% according to one study) and fewer skin irritations.

Most of these benefits come from the fact that a plant is very effective at cleaning the air and will absorb pollution, whilst simultaneously release oxygen back into their air. This is helpful for those suffering asthma, for anyone living near a busy road, or for people with respiratory illnesses.

Plants with the largest leaves are thought to offer the most benefit. The simple act of looking at a plant may also serve to make us feel peaceful, as it reminds us of being outdoors, and the joy of a walk in the countryside.

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best household plants for low light

Looking After Your Houseplants: 5 Top Tips

If you want to make the most of these benefits despite living in a dark home, you must choose the best plants and learn how to look after them.

The best household plants for low light will also be ones that are easy to take care of and ones that will offer colour and greenery, even when the rest of the room feels dark and cold.

It is important to look after your houseplants well and to ensure that all plants, whether they are light-lovers or not, get good treatment:

● Take special note of how often your houseplant should be watered, and do not over or under water. Check the soil before adding water, and check more often during the Summer months. Use a drip tray and ensure the plant is not left sitting in water for prolonged periods.
● You may like to use a houseplant feed once a month or so to ensure your plants are getting the most of the nutrients in the soil. It isn’t essential, but may be recommended for some plants. You can find these almost anywhere, but you can also make your own.
● Remember to repot your plant when it becomes too large for its current pot. This is when the roots are starting to come out the holes at the bottom. This is relatively simple, and just needs a larger pot, new compost or potting mix, and plenty of water to help it bed in.
● Wipe down the leaves of your plant every week, or so to keep them shiny, and to ensure they are doing the very best job they can at filtering the air.
● Remove dead foliage and flowers to ensure the plant puts it energy into new growth. Learn the best way to prune your plant to achieve the shape that you want.

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best household plants for low light

The 10 Most Popular Plants For Low Light

One myth that must be dispelled is that houseplants can grow in the dark – they cannot. All living things need light of some kind. All plants will grow best when they have as much light as possible, but some will grow reasonably well if they have restricted light.

The plants featured here will all do well in low light, but equally they may thrive in lighter or sunnier spots.

Devils ivy – Although it comes in a number of different colour variations, it is the bright green version that works best in low light. In fact, the other colours will become green if they do not get enough light. The trails can grow as long as 25 feet, and are perfect for the tops of bookshelves or other hidden away spots.

Bamboo – This plant can grow in both soil and water (in a vase) and comes in a few different forms including an attractive twisty type. On the whole, it is green in colour, and is topped by green leaves. It is also said to bring good fortune – which is always welcome!

Cast iron plant – These plants acquired their name in response to their high levels of resilience. You can place them almost anywhere, and they will continue to survive and thrive. The soil should be kept reasonably dry, and the plant is best placed in a dark corner.

Philodendron – There are many varieties of this plant, and they are some of the best low light plants you can choose. Water often, but not by an excessive amount. You should also aim to keep it out of direct sunlight where possible.

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best household plants for low light

Prayer plant – These plants are a little like flowers, and have open leaves during the day, and closed leaves at night. They often develop tiny flowers too, which makes them one of the few flowering low light plants.

Snake plant – These are fantastic in low light and require very little care. They are known to thrive on neglect, and need little more than a top up of water from time to time.

Dragon tree – More of a tree than a plant, this is a tropical plant that actually does well with little light. It prefers a warm spot, but needs little more than water when it is very dry. You can get ones with colourful leaves, but these prefer a lighter position.

Spider plant – A classic houseplant, and for a very good reason – it’s refreshingly easy to care for. Best in a hanging basket, this plant features spiky trailing leaves, and will do well in a dull part of the room. The leaves are variegated, meaning they have more than one colour.

Peace lily – These offer a flower as well as broad green leaves. They are a poisonous plant so care should be taken, but they are a beautiful plant that thrives in most lighting conditions, including low light.

Ferns – Ferns thrive in damp and dark conditions and will even grow well in a bathroom where they are exposed to moisture in the air. The maidenhair fern is a bushy and attractive option and is easy to care for.

You will love growing plants in your house, even if you thought that you wouldn’t be able to because of the lack of direct sunlight. Your home may be dark, but you can make it more welcoming by adding beautiful greenery and flowers that will have the added bonus of cleaning the air your breathe.

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