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Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification: The Lowdown

best indoor plants for air purification

Indoor plants offer some exceptional aesthetic benefits and can also improve our mental wellbeing. 

But, today we’re not going to focus on those excellent reasons to create your own indoor garden. Instead, we’ll take a look at one of the other great reasons to get some household plants – air purification

Indoor plants also have the benefit of purifying our air so we breathe quality and clean air inside our homes. Even though most plants are good at giving us some atmospheric dusting, some indoor plants are better at it than others. 

To help you find an indoor plant that’s effective at air purification, we’ve put together a handy guide. So, what are the best indoor plants for air purification? It's time to find out...

What Research Is There To Show Indoor Plants Can Purify Our Air?

We know you already want to believe us, so you don’t have to sit with the windows open in winter to change the room’s air, but don’t just take our word that some indoor plants can do this. 

Many studies have been conducted and found that some plants do have air-purifying qualities. Even the guys and girls over at NASA have said that plants reduce indoor pollution. 

NASA’s Clean Air Study found that plants improved the quality of air within space stations. Since then many other groups have emulated their work to find similar results – albeit to differing degrees. 

Dr. Wolverton is one of those to expand on NASA’s work and as a result has written a helpful book for homeowners wanting to grow their own fresh air.

best indoor plants for air purification

Some soil can contribute to the removal of harmful gasses. This means pruning the lower leaves of specific indoor plants may enhance their air-purifying capabilities even further.

But, How Do They Contribute To Air Purification?

Some man-made materials that are used to insulate your home let off of a mixture of gases. This is why it’s important to find quality insulation for your home. These gases can become harmful as well as compromise the quality of your home’s atmosphere.

The specific harmful gases which indoor plants may eradicate are formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, and carbon dioxide. 

best indoor plants for air purification

To fight chemicals in the air and especially xylene, you should consider a Dwarf Date Palm. They can last for a very long time to give you continued air purification

How Many Indoor Plants Will I Need?

The results of the NASA Clean Air Study also gave a good indication of how many plants are required to rid our homes of air-borne pollution. For every 100 square feet of floor space, you will need one applicable plant with a diameter between six and eight inches.

Now That You Know All The Details, What Are The Best Household Plants For Air Purification?

Here are eight indoor plants that are extremely effective at reducing those harmful toxins mentioned above:

  • Areca Palm: If you’ve recently redecorated or added leather furniture you may want to consider these plants. 
  • Bamboo Palm: This plant is great if you want to get rid of harmful benzene found in rubber, dyes, detergents and solvents.
  • Rubber Plant: To get rid of formaldehyde from your air choose the rubber plant. Just remember to wear gloves while pruning it and that it can grow very big!
  • Philodendrons: These can be found in smaller sizes and are easy to maintain. They’ll help you tackle your air-borne pollution with much more convenience.
  • Dwarf Date Palm: To fight chemicals in the air and especially xylene, you should consider a Dwarf Date Palm. They can last for a very long time to give you continued air purification.
  • Ficus Alii: The Ficus Alli plant is effective at removing chemical vapors and is very adept to indoor environments. Cut down on your watering if you see their leaves turn yellow!
  • Boston Fern: This plant holds the top spot for removing formaldehyde from the air within Dr. Wolverton's study! Only repot these plants come springtime.
  • Peace Lilly: To clean up alcohols, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone and more from your air, hunt down a Peace Lilly plant or three! Just be careful as their leaves are toxic to humans and pets.

best indoor plants for air purification

By looking at our list, you can see that choosing any air purifying plant may not be the best approach. You will need to verify what type of air-borne pollution you’re targeting before choosing a plant because some plants are more suited to reducing certain toxins over others

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