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Spray Foam Insulation

Best Insulation For Attic Bedroom On A Budget

Best Insulation For Attic Bedroom On A Budget

When it comes to maintaining a home, our persistently rainy climate can make difficulties with damp and all too pressing reality.

Home insulation is the solution to some of the worst problems homeowners face like dampness, condensation and so on. Yet it can also be used for a variety of other uses, including:

– Helps in reducing your energy bills by up to 50%. There would be no need to run furnaces or air-conditioners all day long.
– Helps to improve your carbon footprint.
– Protects the house from problems like condensation, mould formation etc.
– Helps in extending the life of the house by providing a barrier of protection.

Why Should We Insulate The Attic?

Homeowners choose to insulate the attics as the maximum amount of heat is lost through the roof.

If you are insulating your roof, it will slow down the transfer of heat by a substantial amount.

If you are looking for a simpler option to deal with heat loss, insulating the attic is a smaller job. Sometimes it if not possible to insulate the whole house due to hectic schedules, or even financial restraints.

Insulating only the attic can be the solution, as it would help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, and transform your loft space into a habitable hideaway simultaneously.

Attic Insulation: 3 Main Options On Offer

If you have decided on getting the attic insulated, you need to decide what material you will use. There are three main types of insulation material:

– Fibreglass
– Cellulose
– Foam

Out of all the insulation materials on offer, spray foam proves to be the best long-term option overall. Why? Let’s find out.

Spray Foam Installation: The Process

Spray foam insulation just needs to be sprayed which makes it very efficient. The process involves the following steps:

a) It consists of two containers that have liquid ingredients.
b) They are connected to each other with the help of a hose.
c) They are then mixed in a mixing gun, where they turn to foam.
d) The foam insulation is then water blown to the surfaces.
e) Once applied, it expands 100 times its original size.
f) It can be easily applied to all kinds of surfaces, even in the attic.

Best Insulation For Attic Bedroom On A Budget

If you are insulating your attic, you are preparing it for all weathers. Insulating the attic bedroom will not only be good for cold weather, but also for hot and humid weather as well

Open Celled vs Closed Cell Spray Foam For Attics: Which Is Best?

Spray Foam insulation is thus the best choice overall for attics. It has two main types:

– Open Cell Spray Foam
– Closed Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell spray foam is a preferred choice for the majority of residential projects. Why? The reasons are:

– Open Cell Spray Foam is cheaper than Closed Cell.
– Open Cell uses water blowers. Whereas, Closed Cell uses HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) filters. Water filters are more stable and environment-friendly.
– Open cell allows the moisture to breathe more freely as compared to Closed Cell. Therefore, they are compatible with wood construction like the attic.

Once you have decided upon the insulation material, the next step is to decide where you need to get the insulation done. There are two choices:

– Attic Floor insulation
– Attic Roof insulation

Floor insulation is chosen by homeowners who do not want to use the attic area as a habitable room, and are happy to simply set it aside for storage. If the insulation is on the floor, the attic would be a cold place. That would lead to a cold attic bedroom.

If you have a bedroom in the attic, your choice should be roof insulation. Roof Insulation helps you to keep a lid on your living space.

Attic Roof Insulation: What Does It Offer?

If you insulate your attic roof, you will be;

– Able to get a warm attic.
– Put a lid on your living space.
– Allow the house to be warmer as the heat will not be escaping from the roof.
– Not paying huge energy bills.
– Create comfortable conditions inside.

Spray Foam: A Suitable Solution For All Climates

If you are insulating your attic, you are preparing it for all weathers. Insulating the attic bedroom will not only be good for cold weather, but also for hot and humid weather as well.

If insulation helps to prevent heat loss, it also prevents the humid air outside from affecting the climate inside. Your attic would have a greater R-value (cool in Summer, and warm in Winter.) Isn’t that amazing?!

Best Insulation For Attic Bedroom: Final Verdict

Insulation offers you a perfect solution to the problems a homeowner faces. Spray foam might be a little more costly than other insulation materials.

But it ultimately offers more long-lasting benefits; it really will live up to every penny spent. It is easy to install and does not cause any damage to your property.

In addition to this, it also offers structural support to the roof, ensuring that the rafters are fully protected for many years to come.

All you need is an experienced contractor to help you with the installation process. (That’s where our team come in!) Contact the experts today on 0800 1700 636 and let us help you transform your attic for good, or by simply clicking the button below!