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Best Insulation For Attic Rafters: From Hideaway To Habitable Room

Best Insulation For Attic Rafters

Thanks to word of mouth, and handy information on the internet, homeowners are now in the know about what benefits they can take advantage of by fitting insulation between rafters in their attic space.

The installation of loft insulation means the possibilities of how the attic space is used expands, rather than retracts. It also gives homeowners a helping hand in reducing energy bills, therefore increasing the thermal performance of the home, and improving the habitability of the home itself.

The important question to ask though – what is the best insulation for attic rafters and which has the most effect? Let’s read on and find out!

What Are Attic Rafters, Exactly?

First off, let’s begin by highlighting what an attic rafter actually is. Take a look up at your loft space, and you will probably find sloping beams of timber that form the construction and support of your rooftop.

They are joined together at the top, and tied together at the bottom, with the use of a horizontal ridge board and ceiling joists respectively.

Insulating these rafters (especially the spaces in-between each one) will make the area inside much warmer, and more thermally efficient as well. There you have it – that’s attic rafters in a nutshell!

Fitting Insulation Between Rafters: How To Do It

So why would you consider installing insulation between your rafters? There are many reasons for this, one of which is mentioned above. Installing insulation between rafters is a wise investment as the money it costs to heat and cool the attic space is reduced.

The insulation moderates the internal temperature, meaning you won’t have to waste money on heating the loft space, or the house for that matter. This also means it becomes easier to keep the home cooler in the summer.

Therefore, because money is saved on energy bills, the energy rating of your home subsequently improves.

The final knock-on effect is that the thermal efficiency of the property improves almost immediately after fitting insulation between rafters.

The Best Insulation for Attic Rafters: Options On Offer

Choosing the best insulation for attic rafters can be difficult as there are a few different methods to go at, and hundreds of different products to choose from!

To help with your decision making, we’ve included some examples of insulation for attic rafters below:

Attic Insulation Option No.1: Batts or Quilts

This is the most commonly used method of application for insulation in attic spaces. This particular material is permeable, meaning the building can breathe comfortably all year round.

If you decide to pick this insulation type, make sure you pick a product that is sourced from natural products such as sheep’s wool. The downside to this, however, is that they do tend to cost more and installing them is more physically demanding.

Attic Insulation Option No.2: The Blown, Loose Fill Approach

This method of insulation can arrive in different forms, and is becoming a popular choice among property owners nationwide.

A huge advantage of going with loose fill insulation is that every gap, nook, cranny and hole within the attic space can be filled and secured with consummate ease.

Attic Insulation Option No.3: Rigid Board Insulation

This can be seen as an alternative option of insulation however it isn’t recommended much nowadays.

The issue with rigid boards is that you have to ensure they are bonded together nice and tightly in order for them to work efficiently.

Best Insulation For Attic Rafters

If you’re looking for a reliable and comes with benefits that can heavily improve you and your family’s health over the Winter period, then spray foam insulation with Home Logic is here to help!

Poor Performing Insulation? You’re Definitely Due An Upgrade!

There could be the possibility that you have dated insulation sitting in your loft space. One of the most common forms of dated insulation is made out of fibreglass. An alternative form is that you have insulation quilts that have either worn away, eroded or moved over the years.

Out-of-date insulation loses its thermal performance and therefore needs replacing. You have the option of replacing the old with new, keeping the same form of insulation. However, do take care when choosing, as modern alternatives are capable of meeting the current insulation regulations.

Spray foam insulation is a revolutionary method of insulation to use when converting the loft. The loft space requires a level of insulation that will be able to moderate the temperature 365 days a year. Insulating between the rafters ensures the headroom space is kept to a safe height, without compromising the thermal ability the building possesses.

If you’re looking for a reliable and comes with benefits that can heavily improve you and your family’s health over the Winter period, then spray foam insulation with Home Logic is here to help.

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