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Best Local Double Glazing Companies: Hampshire Handymen

best local double glazing companies

When it comes to replacing your glazing, finding the right supplier is key to the success of your install.

Although nationals are well-publicised in the media, smaller, local contractors should also be considered as well. Reputable, regional companies can provide a more personalised glazing service.

As they operate on a smaller scale, they will likely have far more time to discuss your requirements in detail and offer some savvy suggestions for maintaining your glazing long-term.

So...what are the main reasons for choosing a local contractor? It`s time to find out...

Are Local Double Glazing Companies Cheaper Than the Nationals?

In terms of pricing, local double glazing companies offer incredible deals and discounts. Seasonality certainly plays a part-down seasons, such as late Winter, are often far less hectic.

As such, getting your glazing done in Winter can save you significant cash. From the middle of November, local tradesmen are keen to fill up the order books ahead of the Christmas lull.

What`s more, if you decide to go ahead at this time, you`ll have your choice of appointment times, making it easy to arrange your install at a time that suits your schedule.

Local double glazing firms tend to offer good deals for bulk orders. If you have several extra windows to replace, getting them done together can shave some more pounds off the price.

Why is Word of Mouth Marketing so Important to Local Firms?

Unlike national companies, which are renowned across the country, local, glazing suppliers have to work harder to drum up some business and broadcast their selling points to customers.

As such, local suppliers are dependent on word of mouth marketing, both to generate future referrals and encourage repeat business from customers past and present.

In today`s internet age, consumers are more digitally savvy than ever. News travels fast-one bad review can ruin a reputation. As such, you will find that local contractors are always keen to please and go the extra mile to satisfy their clientele.

Most local contractors take pride in the products they use. A credible firm should talk intelligently about their products and what they can offer your home. A quick chat with your neighbours can also yield a few clues.

If a contractor crops up in conversation, and the sentiments are generally positive, probe your neighbours further! Compile your findings in a notebook and conduct your own research as well. 

What are The Key Signs of a Credible, Local Contractor?

After consulting with family and friends, and asking around for advice, its time to make some appointments!

These free, no-obligation sessions provide an opportunity to explore your options, and ask any burning questions about products, prices, and hardware.

Given their size and scale, national glazing companies may limit you to particular timeframes. In contrast, local tradesmen and handymen can offer greater flexibility.

If you have a particular time in mind, they will do their best to accommodate and work around your schedule.

Most local tradesmen will refrain from high-pressure selling. If you feel bamboozled into a sell, avoid the company like the plague and take your business elsewhere!

Past and previous work can provide an indication of quality and standards, with further reviews from past customers providing an honest appraisal of the work.

Although the nationals offer distinctive styles, these tend to come at a premium. While local companies have a smaller selection, they can satisfy most requests for a highly affordable price.

Do Local Suppliers Offer a Speedier Service?

On the whole, this all comes down to the company, and the proposed dates for your install. During the Springtime, contractors are at their busiest.

While there may be slight delays, the majority of glazing installs take less than two days on average. However, in the quieter periods of the year, even the most complex of projects are undertaken in less than a day.

As national companies are larger in scale, sourcing the right parts for the job may take a little longer.

With local companies, less cogs within the supply chain minimises the risk of delay, making for a seamless service experience when you choose to proceed with your project.

After a local contractor but not sure where to look? Our talented team of installers cover the length and breadth of the region, bringing a first-rate glazing service to homeowners across the south.

To learn more about what we offer, and our specific areas of coverage, simply call 0800 1700 636 today!