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Best Plants For Apartments: The Essential Guide

best plants for apartments

Apartment living can sometimes be a little soulless. Rooms tend to lack character, the living spaces are often small, and if you are renting, you are limited in how you can redecorate.

Plants are an excellent way to improve the way that your apartment looks and if you choose the right houseplants, they will not encroach on the limited space.

What you need are small, but hardy plants, that can survive spaces that are often not very sunny, and ones that are going to add a burst of colour and vibrancy to your otherwise dull space, as the following article reveals…

Plants For Apartments: What Do They Offer?

There are so many reasons to include plants as part of your overall interior decor scheme. They are known to clean the air and are perfect for built up areas where you might be exposed to pollution levels that are higher than average.

They can also boost your mood – possibly because of the improved air quality, but also due to the fact that these attractive additions to your space can make you feel like you have brought the outdoors into your small space.

Plants that are used in offices can even improve productivity, according to studies. One study found that introducing a small plant to every square metre results in more than 20% gains in productivity of staff.

This is also relevant to your home, as they can boost mood. In fact, plants have to be one of the easiest ways to enhance your health and your environment for the long-term.

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best plants for apartments

Maintaining Plants In An Apartment: Top Tips And Tricks

However, it is all very well saying this if you happen to have green fingers, and your houseplants don’t die within weeks of coming into your home. Looking after them correctly plays a huge part in the success of whether your plants thrive in your apartment.

These following 6 tips will help you to look after your houseplants, and ensure they are not a waste of money:

● Never under or over water houseplants. You can take your cue from the instructions on the tag that came with the plant, but a good rule of thumb is to feel the soil around the plant, and if it is dry, it will need watering. You should water it until the water comes out the bottom of the pot, and into the drip tray, but do not leave the plant sitting in water – always pour off the excess.
● Choose a location that suits the plant. All plants need a good amount of light, but some can survive in low light conditions. If your plant is flowering, it needs more light than those with smaller leaves, such as ferns.
● Keep an eye on your plant, and repot when necessary. This simply involves removing the plant from its current pot, teasing out the roots, and placing into a new pot with extra soil.
● Use a feed for your plant on a fairly regular basis. Once a week is usually fine, but take note of the recommendations for the particular plant. You can go online to discover ways to make your own house plant feeds from ingredients such as seaweed.
● You should trim and prune your plant as necessary to maintain its shape, and to encourage fresh growth. Removing dead flowers can ensure that it will sprout new ones on a regular basis.
● It may seem strange, but your plants will need dusting in the same way as your other surfaces. The leaves are designed to clean the air, and they will not do this effectively if they are coated in dust and grease. A damp cloth is usually the best way to tackle this, although you can buy a special spray designed to broadleaf plants that will give them a beautiful shine.

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best plants for apartments

The 10 Best Plants For Transforming Your Apartment

Spider plant – this long leaf plant features variegated leaves that offer a stunning backdrop to your room. They are relatively small, and look great in hanging baskets, as well as sitting on top of bookshelves. They are hardy, and grow well even in a low light area.

Ferns – most ferns will do well in an apartment and they are they perfect plants to grow in damp areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They don’t like direct light, but should be watered regularly, as they like damp soil. These plants come in a variety of sizes to suit the space.

Succulents – if you are looking for interesting display plants, succulents are an excellent choice. They can be grown inside glass terrariums, and are designed to be used as focal points on tables or shelves. They are incredibly easy to care for, and require very little water. They also come in a variety of colours and shapes to offer visual interest and intrigue.

Herbs – all apartments should have a little herb garden. Many herbs will grow well on a simple kitchen window, and can then be used in cooking to flavour favourite dishes. They should be watered carefully, as overwatering will kill them off quickly. Use regularly to encourage bushier growth.

Microleaf edibles – it is easy to grow micro leaves from seeds by simply sprinkling the seeds into soil that is sitting on kitchen paper. The seeds germinate very quickly and can give you a supply of shoots that are perfect in salads and sandwiches. This is best way to grow vegetables inside an apartment.

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best plants for apartments

Ivy – if you really want to create a woodland feel inside your apartment, ivy is a great choice. These plants grow quickly, and will trail all over the room. You can train them to grow in any direction you wish, and the plant will grow very well in limited light.

Chrysanthemum – this flowering plant is thought to be one of the best air purifiers you can choose, plus if offers beautiful flowers in a range of colours. It will grow just as well in a pot as it will outside if you choose a sunny spot. If you have a balcony, it will do well outside during the Summer.

Dracaena – this ornamental tree plant is small enough for an apartment, but has the good looks of a larger tree inside your home. The long trunk gives way to a cascade of leaves that offer a burst of colour. It is once again also known for its ability to clean the air.

Peace lily – this beautiful plant has broad green leaves that are accented by delicate white lilies. It blooms throughout the Summer months, and works well in a shady area. You may prefer to pinch out the stamens, as the smell can be overpowering, and contribute to hayfever if you are a sufferer.

Choosing the right plants for your apartment is simply a case of judging the amount of light you have and the space you can dedicate. Having a few plants in every room and some on your balcony will not only improve the air quality, they will improve how your apartment looks, giving it a natural and relaxed feel.

Make the most of limited space, with the help of some stunning new house plants. For more green-fingered advice on how to amp up your apartment the easy way, simply click the button below!

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