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Best Soundproof Windows: What are My Options?

best soundproof windows

When it comes to enjoying your home, the temperature and ambience inside impacts your levels of comfort. But what about conditions outside? Are there any actionable tips to help best soundproof windows long-term?

Over time, persistent noise pollution can drive you to distraction, resulting in a war of words with neighbours who fail to keep the peace.

If you work alternate shifts, or are simply a lifelong light sleeper, even the most minor of disturbances can trigger a bout of insomnia.

So, short of yelling expletives, how can you resolve the problem?

In the following article, we explore the causes and challenges of noise pollution, the soundproofing methods on offer, and how double glazing can support these efforts to mute noises outside...

What are the Causes of Noise Pollution?

First things first, let`s take a look at some of the factors that create or add to the problem. 

The causes of noise pollution are myriad. The general location of your home can also add to the problem. If you live under a flight path, or on a busy main road, noise from traffic and vehicles will remain a constant backdrop.

Short of investing in reinforced earplugs, living with this noise long-term requires savvy adjustments to your home to reduce sound transmission. Equally, the initial "convenience" of your location may also start to wear in.

While living in the hubbub is certainly exciting, noise from establishments, such as pubs, can quickly become a nuisance-particularly on Friday nights when locals congregate en masse.

In other instances, noise pollution is a temporary issue. Roadworks near to your home may cause some initial unrest and slight problems with sleeping.

However, if you have a more permanent problem to contend with, you may wish to consult an expert.

What are the Long-Term Challenges and Consequences of Excessive Noise?

While bearable for a short period of time, long-term noise pollution takes its toll on mental health. If the noises are incessant, you may struggle to focus at home, or follow a favourite TV show as the decibels begin to rise.

Remote staff and shift pattern workers are particularly affected by this problem-noise niggles during the day can impact productivity, and interfere with complex projects that demand tight turnaround times.

If the noise persists at nighttime, it can play havoc with sleeping patterns and recurrent bouts of insomnia. Those who suffer from anxiety are also adversely impacted, with the stress of excessive noise reducing their ability to relax.

Additionally, a less obvious consequence of noise pollution is its impact on prospective buyers. If you live in a noisy locale, soundproofing measures are a must to reassure potential purchasers and preserve your peace of mind. 

What are the Main Options for Soundproofing?

As a common challenge among homeowners, there are a variety of methods on offer to reduce the transmission of sound.

Caulking and sealing your home can eliminate any gaps, with D.I.Y measures, such as customised draught excluders lending further support.

A few well-placed rugs are also helpful for drowning out sound, although they need to be relatively thick to make a tangible difference. Adding or updating insulation can also block our airborne sounds while providing a pleasing boost to your comfort.

However, if the noise is uncomfortably loud, you may need an additional barrier between your home and the outside world.

Can Double Glazing Help Drown Out Sounds As Well?

Absolutely! In fact, the efficacy of your current windows has a bearing on internal conditions, and levels of noise pollution.

Single-glazed windows offer negligible protection from noise and sounds from the surrounding environment.

In contrast, double glazed windows and doors offer an additional barrier of protection to reduce sound transmission.

I`ve Heard About Acoustic Glass-Is This a Failproof Solution?

Acoustic glass can certainly combat the noise-but it also comes at a cost. Unlike standard glass, acoustic glass works its magic by absorbing airborne sounds, leaving you with a quieter space to relax in.

If your budget can stretch to this glass-type, then it`s definitely an option to consider. However, as the price is often prohibitive, it may prove far more affordable to simply upgrade your glazing instead.

Are noise niggles getting you down? We hear you, and we`re here to help. With over 25 years`experience between us, we`ve installed various soundproofing solutions into homes across the UK.

From airtight insulation, to double glazed windows and doors, our team can tackle it all. To explore your options in detail, simply call 0800 1700 636!