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Best Type of Fencing For Gardens: What Are My Options?


There are lots of benefits when owning a quality garden fence. They may provide you and your plants with an element of shade, privacy and shelter. They can also provide a sturdy defence against overflowing ball games from the children next door and potential intruders. Not to mention their use at marking out your land and providing a nice aesthetic for friends and family to admire.

Lots of people consider getting or renewing their garden fencing each year. These people may have different sized gardens and different expectations from garden fencing. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when buying exceptional garden fencing. Instead, different people will require and prefer different types of fencing.

If there was an ultimate type of garden fencing which had it all, the UK landscape would look awfully boring. Thankfully, there are lots of types of fencing to choose from that offer a variety of features. It’s just a matter of finding the best fencing for your home. At Home Logic, we know a thing or two about garden fencing and have made a guide of the best type of fencing for gardens.

Our guide recommends types of fencing based on your primary need. Let’s take a look… 

Privacy and Security

Some homeowners will prioritise privacy and security from their garden fence. You can put the barbed wire away because we’ve got some fantastic options. When looking for privacy there are a few things you should avoid.

Namely, short fences and fences that are not solid throughout. The worst option for people who want privacy and security would be to choose picket fencing. These short fences with gaps are not going to provide much protection from intruders and will provide very little privacy unless paired with trees and bushes.

Better choices would be fences with a minimum height of six feet that don’t allow potential intruders from seeing through the fence and into your garden.

This is especially important during the summer time when the chance of garden burglary increases significantly. Good examples would be featherboard fencing or tubular fencing.


You may also want to consider wrought iron fencing. You will have to give this type of fence regular maintenance to avoid a build-up of rust and won't be afforded much privacy, but it’s a good option when it comes to longevity. Other durable options could be to use Vinyl fencing or even dry stone walls


If you want a durable fence that is going to last many years, you may look at other options. Although a featherboard fence may be another reliable option here because it’s designed with overlapping panels to be more robust – and we said there was no ultimate fence!

You may also want to look at fencing with durable materials such as pressure-treated wood. Wood as a standalone material is certainly not the most reliable for outdoor use. Yet, wood that has been enhanced and given extra protection can last for many years.


Similarly, the standard wooden fence can also supply earthy charm that an iron or Vinyl fence isn't going to give as easily. The use of clever carvings and paint is another way of providing an appealing aesthetic on standard or more modern fencing


Recommending a type of fencing based on aesthetics is a little trickier because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are some usual types which seem to gather lots of admirers and some that don’t go down too well. 

The picket fence is one of them and has been associated with the suburban lifestyle and the American dream for decades. It offers an authentic charm and character that is hard to replicate in more modern designs.

Similarly, the standard wooden fence can also supply earthy charm that an iron or Vinyl fence isn't going to give as easily. The use of clever carvings and paint is another way of providing an appealing aesthetic on standard or more modern fencing.

You don’t need to pay over the odds to get beautiful fencing for your garden. There are many options to create beautiful fencing at wallet-friendly prices.

Home Logic Can Use Fencing to Enhance Your Driveway!

If your fencing is going to stretch around driveways or alongside garden paths, Home Logic can help you get a quality surface to complement your choice in exceptional garden fencing. 

Our Home Logic resin surfaces are impeccable additions to any home and will provide a smooth finish that will last for years. These surfaces also have exceptional drainage and come in an array of styles and colours to match the rest of your garden or patio.

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