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Heating For Conservatories: 5 Top Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

heating a conservatory

There are numerous tips and advice you can use when it comes to heating a conservatory. At Home Logic we understand that using your conservatory space in winter can be uncomfortable and expensive, which is why we have put together 5 top tips to help you keep your conservatory warm this Winter…

Conservatory Energy Consumption: How To Cut Costs

These days, most people are working on reducing their energy consumption and their monthly bills. Put simply, the more you pay out, the less you can save for your later years-and we understand that more than anyone.

Owning a conservatory boasts numerous benefits, but if you can’t make the space comfortable in the cold Winter months, then it’s a space that can only be used for part of the year.

Needless to say, this costs you further pennies and pounds on maintenance, heating and more during the colder months.

Heating a Conservatory Top Tip No.1: Central Heating

Chances are if you have built a conservatory, or have moved to a new home with a conservatory attached, that you have central heating in the room.

If the central heating has not been expanded to incorporate the conservatory, then this is something you are going to want to focus on.

A room made mostly of glass and without effective heating can be unbearable in the colder months. Ensure you have effective heating in the room to keep it warm, though remember without effective conservatory insulation, the heat will escape, so your bill will be increased.

heating a conservatory

Underfloor heating can be an effective solution to warming the space, and keeping it comfortable throughout the day-especially if you want bare floorboards instead of carpetting

Heating a Conservatory Top Tip No.2: Underfloor Heating

Many homes in the United Kingdom that decide to add a conservatory to their home for additional space include underfloor heating in the build.

Underfloor heating can be an effective solution to warming the space, and keeping it comfortable throughout the day.

But you are still going to struggle in Winter as the cold sets in, and the underfloor heating system needs to work overtime to maintain your chosen temperature.

Heating a Conservatory Top Tip No.3: Wood Burner

A traditional wood burner can be such a welcome addition to your home, and is an effective heating solution. A wood burner not only provides welcome heat in the colder months, but also provides a beautiful focal point for the space.

Wood burners come in a variety of sizes, so you are able to choose one that will work in the size of conservatory you have. In addition to this, you will be able to place it so that it remains a focal point, without dominating the surrounding space.

heating a conservatory

Roof insulation for conservatory structures prevents ninety-one percent of heat loss, helping you create a cosy, comfortable space, that you can enjoy throughout the year. This is true even when it’s freezing cold outside, and you and the family want to stay warm in a cost-effective way!

Heating a Conservatory Top Tip No.4: Effective Conservatory Insulation

It is interesting to find that many people aren’t aware that you can insulate your conservatory.

Our Home Logic Conservatory Roof Insulation is a multi foil insulation product made up of layers of aluminium, foam, wadding and air pockets; which provides a vapour controlled blanket for your conservatory. This helps to keep the warm air in during Winter, and keep the warm air out in Summer.

Benefits Of Home Logic Conservatory Insulation

Some of the benefits you can expect when using our conservatory insulation product and services include:

  1. Keep your conservatory warm in Winter, and cool in Summer – what a pleasure.
  2. Lower your energy consumption, and, in turn, reduce your energy bills in the long run.
  3. Insulating your conservatory can be fifty percent cheaper than replacing your conservatory roof.
  4. Prevent 91% of heat loss, reducing heat transfer, and providing a comfortable living space.
  5. Condensation is dramatically reduced, therefore reducing the risk of mould.
  6. You don’t need planning permission; a further money saving option.
  7. Insulation is affordable, and provides you with long term savings moving forward.

heating a conservatory

Warm up the easy way this Winter with the help of Home Logic! Simply call 0800 1700 636 to get the ball rolling today!

Heating For Conservatories Top Tip No.5: Curtains And Blinds

The final tip for effective heating for conservatories is to make use of curtains and blinds, not only for decorative purposes, but for heatproofing as well.

This can help you keep the area warm or cool, depending on the season and your personal preference.

Seeking additional advice on curbing conservatory cold spots? Take the first step to transforming conservatory temperature today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!