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Why British Gas Won’t ‘Be There When You Need Them’

They promised to ‘always be there when you need them’, but as times continue to toughen, British Gas have finally bailed, leaving a trail of broken promises in their wake. This week, the Centrica-owned company announced that it will be increasing electricity prices by 12.5% next month, following in the footsteps of the other ‘Big Six Suppliers’ who have already issued price hikes across the board.

Governments U-Turn On Energy Prices

After promising the world throughout the election, it seems the Prime Minister has taken a U-Turn on the proposed energy price caps she stated she would put in place, betraying millions and leaving customers vulnerable to freezing cold homes once the winter comes around.

Conservatory Roof Covering Ideas

Many homeowners across the UK have invested in a conservatory as a way of maximising the available living space and adding value to their properties. A conservatory is incredibly functional as well as being visually pleasing on the eye. But what about when it comes to decorating your conservatory?

Why Air Pollution has Become a Political Hot Potato

Since 2010, levels of nitrogen dioxide have been above legal limits in almost 90% of urban areas. In January this year, the problem reached its peak, with air pollution levels in London surpassing those in Beijing. The statistics are truly staggering.

What Is The Best Conservatory Roof System?

What is the best conservatory roof system? Put simply, one which controls temperature, enabling you to make the most of your conservatory, whatever the weather. We explore the conservatory roofing options available, and uncover why..

FAQ: Can I Buy Windows and Doors Online?

In recent years, consumer spending power has moved over to the internet, where a diversity of products and services have expanded almost every market imaginable. Windows and doors are no exception to this trend, and as such, the answer to..

The British Love Affair With The Conservatory

The British love affair with the conservatory is as ardent as ever-and with good reason. If insulated correctly, conservatories provide a relaxing room to retreat to, where you can unwind with a glass of wine, or curled up with your favourite book..