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Home Logic Uses Energy Saving Trust Approved Insulation Materials

Traditional types of insulation don’t last throughout the life span of a house. The need for regular maintenance and replacement should be taken into account before deciding which insulation material you are going to invest in. The ongoing worry of many homeowners is that their home is in need of renovation but they find it difficult to obtain the information they want (cost, suitable materials, etc).

Home Logic Announces The Start of Winter Tree Planting Season 2017

In honour of National Tree Week 2017 (25th November – 3rd December) launching the start of winter tree planting season in the UK, we’ve collated a collection of our very best foliage focused articles to offer some food for thought on how you can incorporate greenery into a driveway, enabling you to achieve a driveway of utmost distinction, that works with the environment, rather than against it…

Air Quality At Home – Lung Cancer Awareness Month

We live fast these days, full stop. Whatever you are currently chasing after, a new career, finishing a project, closing that elusive sale, none of this matters unless you are in good health. Sadly, our health and wellbeing is being pushed more and more down the list of “to dos”, to be looked after when we have completed with those outstanding tasks, still, time allowing, at home.

Freezing Cold Hot Topic: Why Can’t I Heat My Cold Home?

As November 2017 hit with the first cold snap and regular weekend downpours here in the UK, why not take a few minutes to browse through the library of reviewed and updated stories with top tips to heat your cold home, suggestions on how to compromise on “too hot, too cold” dilemma and find the ultimate answer to – why can’t I heat my cold home?

Bonfire Night Special: The Explosive Summary to Soundproofing

As the UK prepares to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by setting numerous plots of fireworks displays, parades and bonfires, there’s a good chance that majority of us will have to put up with higher than usual noise levels.

With our reasonable hat on, we understand, that we can tolerate one night per year of accelerated decibels. Right? Hmmm, – Try to explain that to my traumatised furry friend – someone may throw in to this conversation.

A Load Of Hot Air? Report Urges Radical Rethink To Cut Carbon

As far as carbon cutting’s concerned, Frontier Economic’s latest report is bribery of the very worst kind. This week, the economic consultancy revealed its proposals to improve the UK’s energy infrastructure-including a controversial suggestion to fine homeowners who sell draughty homes.

Energy Windfall: Wind Now Cheaper Than Nuclear Energy

Whilst the price of non-renewable energy continues to rise unchecked, the news that offshore wind energy is now cheaper than nuclear proves something of a welcome reprieve. Official data last week revealed that offshore wind projects due to generate power in 2022-2023 were awarded contracts at £57.50 per MegaWatt Hour-in contrast to the £92.50 contracts awarded to EDF in 2012 to build Hinckley Point C, Britain’s first new nuclear reactor, in over 20 years.

Autumn 2017 Updated: How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

With new autumn 2017 season fast approaching in mind, we have pin pointed key facts about insulating with spray foam and gathered all important updated information. If you live in the UK, and are a homeowner, please take time to read our ultimate home improvement guide. If you are seeking an effective solution to help stop your home from losing unnecessary levels of heat, you should seriously consider…