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Take Entertaining to Another Level with These 7 Dining Room Rugs

Most of us eat our dinner in the kitchen or in front of the telly and the dining room is for special occasions. While that might be true, you want those special occasions to be extra special and a dining room rug can achieve that. You might think that a dining room rug will make little difference to the scheme of the room, when in fact the right rug in the right size and colour can transform a dull room into something that is worth of your gastronomic delights.

Home & Garden: Country Living Ideas To Inspire

Whether you live in the middle of a city, in middle class suburbia or you’re lucky enough to enjoy a rural aspect, country interior design is as popular as ever. Creating a home that feels like a countryside retreat is actually easier than you might think and can be achieved in a city flat as easily as in a rural cottage. All you need is the right choice of home furnishings and accessories and the look is yours. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

5 ways to refresh your garden this spring

We are teaming up with the Wyevale Garden Centres, the biggest garden centre retailer in the UK to bring you the latest tips on everything around gardening & plants to give all passionate gardeners a valuable source of information on how to make the most of their green fingers skills. Here, 5 top tips to refresh your garden Read more…

It’s National Gardening Week! – 30th April – 6thMay

If you are lucky enough to have recently had a new resin bound driveway installed, you will be wanting to make sure it stays looking great for the many years ahead. Now is the perfect time to make the most of that new landscaped garden area as National Gardening Week is almost upon us.

This home improvement product will give you a great night’s sleep

Waking up on a cold and crisp and snowy day in March might be unusual, but for the vast majority of the UK, these early days of March 2018 have been the perfect time to have a long lie in. So, what better month to celebrate National Bed Day? That time of the year when we look at where and how we sleep

20 Quick Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

New Year is now in full flow, with great majority of people struggling to get on with their routines, trying to survive unusually wet January with continuous efforts to banish cold and damp from their homes at the lowest cost possible. We record a high number of enquiries regarding heat loss, air leaks issues & improvements that make homes more energy efficient.

Featuring Stylish Conservatory Furniture by Rattan Direct

The conservatory, whether it is ultra-modern or traditional in style, is a haven, a place to leave the stresses and strains of modern life behind. It is a room from which you can enjoy your garden or enjoy dining with friends and family, relax with a good book or a space that can be used as a home office.
Whatever you do in your conservatory, you need stylish furniture that is robust, durable and stylish. But you also want it to fit with your home, as well as your intended use of this fantastic space.

Top 10 Home Improvement Trends For 2018

We have compiled this fascinating guide to 10 home improvement trends for 2018 that have been predicted to become very present in many homes throughout the upcoming year. Enjoy a few tips on utilising available spaces and learn about some advanced concepts

Home Logic Uses Energy Saving Trust Approved Insulation Materials

Traditional types of insulation don’t last throughout the life span of a house. The need for regular maintenance and replacement should be taken into account before deciding which insulation material you are going to invest in. The ongoing worry of many homeowners is that their home is in need of renovation but they find it difficult to obtain the information they want (cost, suitable materials, etc).