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A Load Of Hot Air? Report Urges Radical Rethink To Cut Carbon

As far as carbon cutting’s concerned, Frontier Economic’s latest report is bribery of the very worst kind. This week, the economic consultancy revealed its proposals to improve the UK’s energy infrastructure-including a controversial suggestion to fine homeowners who sell draughty homes.

Energy Windfall: Wind Now Cheaper Than Nuclear Energy

Whilst the price of non-renewable energy continues to rise unchecked, the news that offshore wind energy is now cheaper than nuclear proves something of a welcome reprieve. Official data last week revealed that offshore wind projects due to generate power in 2022-2023 were awarded contracts at £57.50 per MegaWatt Hour-in contrast to the £92.50 contracts awarded to EDF in 2012 to build Hinckley Point C, Britain’s first new nuclear reactor, in over 20 years.

Autumn 2017 Updated: How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

With new autumn 2017 season fast approaching in mind, we have pin pointed key facts about insulating with spray foam and gathered all important updated information. If you live in the UK, and are a homeowner, please take time to read our ultimate home improvement guide. If you are seeking an effective solution to help stop your home from losing unnecessary levels of heat, you should seriously consider…

Latest Energy Review: Sorting Fact From Fiction

In an era where price hikes are pretty much par for the course, energy saving salvation seems in shockingly short supply. Last week’s news of British Gas’s betrayal came as a bitter blow for loyal consumers, with the reasons given for the rise, flawed and flaky at best. The questions remain, and the answers are far from forthcoming. Clarity is needed, and Oxford University Professor.

Why British Gas Won’t ‘Be There When You Need Them’

They promised to ‘always be there when you need them’, but as times continue to toughen, British Gas have finally bailed, leaving a trail of broken promises in their wake. This week, the Centrica-owned company announced that it will be increasing electricity prices by 12.5% next month, following in the footsteps of the other ‘Big Six Suppliers’ who have already issued price hikes across the board.

Governments U-Turn On Energy Prices

After promising the world throughout the election, it seems the Prime Minister has taken a U-Turn on the proposed energy price caps she stated she would put in place, betraying millions and leaving customers vulnerable to freezing cold homes once the winter comes around.

Conservatory Roof Covering Ideas

Many homeowners across the UK have invested in a conservatory as a way of maximising the available living space and adding value to their properties. A conservatory is incredibly functional as well as being visually pleasing on the eye. But what about when it comes to decorating your conservatory?

Why Air Pollution has Become a Political Hot Potato

Since 2010, levels of nitrogen dioxide have been above legal limits in almost 90% of urban areas. In January this year, the problem reached its peak, with air pollution levels in London surpassing those in Beijing. The statistics are truly staggering.