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Brick House Insulation: Top Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Brick House Insulation Top Tips and Tricks

If, despite your best efforts, your home is still cooler than you’d like it to be, and attracting damp, the issue may lie not with your internal insulation solution; but your exterior brick or masonry walls.

There is a solution available for brick house insulation that protects your property’s external walls, and it’s proven to perform in practice: External Wall Insulation.

A relative newcomer to the insulation market, this product takes practicalities to a whole new level; weatherproofing your brickwork whilst simultaneously saving you money.

Intrigued? All will be revealed in the following article…

Problems With Thermal Bridging

When porous building materials, such as bricks, are used on the exterior of a property, their thermal-proofing capabilities are hindered when water and cold air enters their natural pores.

Once wet (and, for anyone who lives with British weather, that’s fairly often), the pores transform the wall into a thermal bridge – bridging the cold air and damp across into the internal wall cavities, and the insulation within them.

It’s been proven that just 5% damp content within a wall can reduce its thermal capabilities by up to half, and will continue to absorb moisture and pass it through. The thermal conductivity of standard building materials in external walls can only perform when it is entirely dry.

Internal home insulation products, such as fibreglass panelling and blown-in cellulose, are almost entirely stunted when wet, and due to the nature of their common placing in the home, can take some considerable time to dry out completely.

How To Prevent Them

Home Logic External Wall Insulation is an industrial chemical spray that is applied directly to the external walls of a property, be they brick, concrete, mortar or sandstone.

Porous building materials such as bricks can be thoroughly cleaned and then have the spray applied, so that the natural pores within the material instead hold the Home Logic External Wall Insulation chemical mixture.

Home Logic External Wall Insulation repels moisture for a water-tight seal, and will not allow airborne pollutants, such as dirt, sand, oil, or moss, to enter the brick pores, or be absorbed further into the material.

Home Logic External Wall Insulation has been tested according to the EN ISO 15148:200 industry best practice standard, which proves it to effectively block out over 95% of moisture from settling into the pores of brick, mortar, sandstone and concrete surfaces.

The 5% that still passes through is only in the form of water vapour – allowing the masonry to retain its natural ‘breathability’, and shift and move as it should do to maintain the structure of the property.

Thermal mapping photographs taken both before and after the application of Home Logic External Wall Insulation clearly shows an improvement of hydro-thermal capabilities, and much drier surfaces all round.

Brick House Insulation Top Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Superior Self-cleaning Qualities

Once the pores and cavities of the wall are filled with the Home Logic External Wall Insulation chemical mixture, dirt, sand, oil and other airborne pollutants are unable to adhere to it and fill them.

This leaves substances clinging to the outer surface, and enables them to easily wash off, as soon as water comes into contact with the walls. This means that every time it rains, your wall will self-clean, as the grubby residue simply washes away! April showers have never been so welcome.

Applied by Experts: Why Professionalism is Priority

Home Logic External Wall Insulation is a chemical mixture and not a standard, over-the-counter masonry paint. As a result, brick house insulation should only be applied by fully qualified and accredited tradespeople, with relevant experience in the field.

Home Logic’s own External Wall Insulation technicians are certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA), who are accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) to scrupulously test and trial businesses and their staff who function in the construction and home improvement industries.

Home Logic’s team are also recommended by consumer champion website Which? as Trusted Traders. This ensures the technicians involved work towards a strict professional code of conduct, which includes:

  • Only offering and recommending products and services relevant and suitable to the customer, the property, and the circumstances;
  • Working hard to stick to all budgets and timelines agreed with the customer;
  • Supplying a full and detailed quotation for work to be carried out, along with updates if this changes as the job progresses;
  • Remaining approachable at all times, so the customer is able to ask questions, or for more information at any point during the work;
  • Clean the site after the job has been completed, and return it back to the state in which it was found.

Our expert team offer a free quotation and home inspection, with no obligation to purchase, so you and they can best assess the suitability of Home Logic External Wall Insulation for your property.

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