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Buying A Conservatory Advice: 5 Key Factors To Focus On

buying a conservatory advice

The wonders of a new conservatory are near limitless, not only do you get to increase the amount of space in your home, but you have a unique area that shows off your property in a completely different light – quite literally!

Over the years, conservatories have undergone a remarkable transformation.

Conservatories are no longer bolt-on additions to the back of a property. They are now unique spaces to relax in on an evening, enjoy the garden during the Summer, and extend the space in a property in a beautiful way.

But just what sparked this transformation?

Much of the change in conservatory design is thanks to a noticeable shift in the buying a conservatory advice provided. By giving advice about the potential of the practical addition, conservatories have once again sky-rocketed up the list of the most popular home improvements.

Bright, airy, and warm, there is little doubt over just how beneficial a modern conservatory can be, explaining just why conservatories are a popular addition to UK homes.

So without further ado, here are your top 5 tips for ensuring long-term conservatory success…

Tip 1: Understand Planning Permission

The first buying a conservatory advice tip is a very important one, understanding the regulations for planning permission. Generally, conservatories are a permitted development, so you can build them without having to obtain planning permission.

There are however some exceptions, like the height and size of the conservatory, which you can learn more about on the Planning Portal website.

Tip 2: Consider the Orientation of Your Garden

If you are planning to construct a conservatory on your existing property, then there is little you can do about the orientation of your garden, other than ensure that the conservatory works to the advantages of it.

North facing garden conservatories help to capture the lower level of sunlight, while south facing conservatories may need a little extra covering to protect against the heat.

buying a conservatory advice

Tip 3: Pick the Right Style of Conservatory

Deciding to buy a conservatory is just one step of the process; deciding which conservatory to buy is the next.

An essential buying a conservatory advice tip, is careful consideration over which conservatory will be right for your home.

From a classically beautiful Victorian style conservatory, to a bespoke modern conservatory, choosing the right style will really enhance your property.

Tip 4: Plan What the Space Will Be Used For

A mistake that many homeowners make is buying a conservatory without forethought for what the space should be used for. Larger conservatories offer a wealth of additional space, ideal for offices, dining rooms, or unique sitting rooms.

In contrast, smaller conservatories are wonderful nooks for reading, or just relaxing in the evening. There are some wonderful ways to turn new conservatories into the heart of your home, or even upgrade existing conservatories to be the unique space you always dreamed they could be.

Tip 5: Invest in Conservatory Insulation

Perhaps the most important buying a conservatory advice tip of all is the insulation you’ll need for your conservatory. One of the primary reasons conservatories have stayed popular all these years, is because of the developments in conservatory insulation.

The room that was once deemed only usable for a small fraction of the year, is now perfect all year round with the right conservatory insulation. At the top of the insulation list for many homeowners, is multi-foil conservatory insulation, a revolutionary product with extensive benefits.

The blanket of insulation, installed behind roof covers, consists of multiple layers of insulation material, all working in perfect harmony to make conservatories more comfortable, and energy efficient as well.

From the benefits of damp prevention, to an increase in temperature regulation; a good conservatory insulation is essential in all conservatories.

Get Conservatory Advice from the Experts

Conservatories have been a staple part of UK life for decades, giving residents an easy way to transform their home, and really enjoy their property in a different way.

With the help of our buying a conservatory advice top tips, you can ensure that your new conservatory is a cut above the rest when it comes to warmth, comfort, and design.

Our team at Home Logic, have been installing insulation in UK conservatories for many years, helping homeowners to fall in love with their conservatories all over again.

From brand-new constructions, to existing conservatories in need of some extra care, we have you covered with the best ways to transform the space into a year-round retreat. Also, don’t forget to check our recent work via our latest conservatory installs video gallery Calling 0800 1700 636 , or by following the button below and get in touch.

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