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Cambridge Double Glazing: The Definitive Guide

Cambridge Double Glazing

Many people who are trying to sell their homes find themselves facing a real challenge these days. We live in a world where the property market is volatile, and in some cases, sellers in Cambridge may find that their property sits stagnating on the market for years. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take to make your property more valuable and saleable, and one of these is to arrange the installation of Cambridge double glazing.

With the help of a reputable Cambridge double glazing company, you can make a valuable improvement to your home that will benefit you in many ways.

In addition to making it easier to sell your home, it will also enable you to reduce your energy bills for as long as you are there.

It will also provide you with a more comfortable living environment and add value to your home, so when you do sell you can actually recoup most or even all of the cost of having the Cambridge double glazing installed in the first place.

With all this in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide to choosing a contractor in Cambridge, including what to look for, and how you can benefit long-term…

Double Glazing: A Cost-Effective Solution For Your Cambridgeshire Home

The great thing about having double glazing installed when you are planning to sell your home, is that it will increase the resale value immeasurably.

So, you not only get to increase the chances of selling your property at a fair price, but you also get to recoup the cost of the double glazing when your property sells. This makes it a win-win situation for you.

If you want to know what sort of value this type of home improvement may add to your home, it is worth doing a little research. Look for similar properties very close to you that are up for sale, and look at the asking prices on the ones that have double glazing.

This will give you an idea of how much more you can realistically ask for when you have had the double glazing installed.

It is also worth getting your property valued by an estate agent before you have the work carried out, and then again after the work has been completed. Some experts believe that double glazing can add around 10 percent to the value of your home, but you need to ensure that it properly and professionally installed.

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Cambridge Double Glazing

Why Potential Buyers Look For Homes With Double Glazing

Having a Cambridge double glazing company come out and install quality double glazed windows and doors can help raise the level of interest in your property if you put it up for sale. Why?

Well, there are many reasons why potential buyers are keen to purchase a property that already has double glazing installed. Some of the key reasons why they look for this are:

Reason No.1: It Saves Them Time And Inconvenience

Many buyers, particularly first time buyers, do not want to have to spend more money and time getting the house as they want it. If you have already had a Cambridge double glazing company come out and carry out this work prior to the sale, it saves the buyers a huge hassle and expense.

This is something that will put you one step ahead of sellers that haven’t had this work carried out, as potential buyers are likely to see it as a huge bonus.

Reason No.2: They Can Save On Energy Costs:

Most people these days are very savvy with regards to saving money on the cost of their energy, particularly given how high energy costs are at the moment.

Potential buyers are therefore likely to take this into consideration when they are deciding which property is going to be right for them. If they think that your property is going to save them money on their heating bills, they are more likely to choose yours over a property that has no double glazing installed.

Reason No.3: The Aesthetic Appeal Of Double Glazing:

The other thing that is likely to attract buyers to your property is the aesthetic appeal that double glazing offers. When you have this installed, your home will look more modern and attractive both inside and out.

This will make a great first impression when people come to see the property, and it could sway their decision in the right direction. If they see a property that looks old and dated, they are more likely to start thinking about potential problems that are linked to older properties, which could put them off altogether.

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