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Can A Conservatory Be Used As A Bedroom?


The short answer to the can a conservatory be used as a bedroom question is “YES”. You can definitely turn a conservatory into a bedroom. After all, who doesn’t want an extra room?

The conservatory can work fantastically as a sleepover room, or as a guest room. But in any case, if your goal is to turn your conservatory into a liveable bedroom, there are few things you need to consider.

Conservatory insulation can trasnform an unused space into a bedroom

It is not quite as easy as putting a bed into the conservatory, and adding some nice curtains. The whole process requires planning and forethought. Therefore, let’s take a look at what you need to consider, and how you can turn your conservatory into a liveable bedroom.

Size Guide For Bedrooms

If you want to use a conservatory as a bedroom, you must make sure that the conservatory is the right size. Measurements of your conservatory vastly impact can a conservatory be used as a bedroom. Therefore, here is a quick guide to bed and bedroom sizes:

– For a single bed, the minimum bedroom size is 7’ x 10’ (2.13 x 2.13m). The recommended and standard bedroom is also 7’ x 10’
– For a bedroom with two single beds, the minimum bedroom size is 9’ x 9’ (2.74 x 2.75m). The recommended bedroom size, however, is 10’ x 9’6” (3.05 x 2.9m)
– For a double size bed, the minimum bedroom size is 9’ x 9’6” (2.74 x 2.9m). The recommended bedroom size is 9’6” x 10’6” (3.05 x 3.66m)
– For a king size bed, the minimum bedroom size is 9’6” x 11’6” (2.9 x 3.51m). The recommended size, however, is 10’ x 12’6”
In addition to the size of the bedroom, you also have to pay attention to the ceiling height. You want a ceiling height of minimum 7’6”.

What To Consider Before Using A Conservatory As A Bedroom?

Once you have the size requirements set, you need to consider few other things. All of the following things are targeting the practicality of your conservatory.

One of the biggest challenges with conservatories is that you cannot use them all year round. A South-facing conservatory is hot during Summer, while a North facing conservatory is freezing cold during the winter. Thankfully, this problem can be solved with proper insulation. But there are other challenges as well.

hot conservatory solutions



This is one of the big challenges facing conservatories. Your conservatory will accumulate a lot of condensation, and that will result in damp and mould.

But do not worry, with the proper insulation, ventilation becomes an easy challenge. With our specially formulated foil insulation, everything will be better.


As mentioned previously, a North facing conservatory is freezing cold during the Winter months. Your electricity bill will sky rocket if you do not have the proper insulation.

Without insulation, conservatories have poor ventilation and temperature control. Again, a proper conservatory roof insulation helps solve the problem.


Last but not least, conservatories can get fairly noisy. Since they are made out of glass and/or poly carbonate, conservatories are not known as sound proof.

During the rainy days, the ‘drumming’ sound of rain on your conservatory’s roof will make your bedroom noisy, and troubling to fall asleep. And if you thought insulation can help solve this problem, you are right.


Conservatory roof insulation is a six layer solution that makes sure heat stays in your conservatory during Winter, and you do not gain any extra heat during Summer either!

The Insulation Problem

We mentioned a few times previously that insulation will help you transform a conservatory into a liveable room. But that is easier said than done. You need to find a reputable company that has a top-notch product.

In this case, we present you an “out of this world” product. In fact, it’s exactly the same insulation that NASA used for the Apollo space missions. The product has been adapted so that the cost is suitable for the average individual.

So what do you get? Well, the product is a six layer solution that makes sure heat stays in your conservatory during Winter, and you do not gain any extra heat during Summer. Here are the six layers:

  • The first layer is Multi-Foil that can deflect 95% of radiant heat during summer
  • The second layer is a ThermoWadding Membrane that prevents conduction of radiant heat. Thanks to pockets of air within the material, the membrane helps you maintain an even temperature
  • The third layer is a metallised poly foil barrier. Serving as an additional barrier, this layer prevents heat loss during Winter, and heat gain during Summer.
  • The fourth layer is a vapour control foam membrane, preventing against damp and condensation issues. Remember when we said insulation solves poor ventilation? This is how
  • The fifth layer is the same as the second one; a ThermoWadding membrane, with pockets within the material
  • And the last, sixth layer is another Multi-Foil.

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