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Replacement Conservatory & Flat Roofs

Can a Conservatory Have a Solid Roof?

can a conservatory have a solid roof

A conservatory is intended to be a summery, bright living space with lots of light and a laid-back feel, but the British weather can have other ideas.

Whether it’s due to the environment and structure of where your conservatory would be built, or you’d just like some extra privacy, it’s worth considering whether not you’d like a solid roof in place of a more traditional glass one.

Why would I want a solid roof rather than more glass?

A solid roof can help you better regulate the temperature of your conservatory, and keep outside noise out – whether it be from rain, building work, or just your kids in the garden. It also helps reduce glare from your devices, so you can continue to log onto your laptop and eye up your iPhone even in the brightest of sunshine without causing potentially harmful damage to your eyes.

If you feel like your conservatory doesn’t give you the privacy you need with a glass roof, it’ll give you more cover from prying eyes without compromising on the bright and airy feel of the room.

Proper conservatory insulation can also help maintain a comfortable temperature when installed into your conservatory’s solid roof. Conservatory Roof Insulation System can block 91% of warm air from escaping, ensuring that your conservatory space is usable year-round, no matter the weather.

Such insulation will considerably reduce your heating, and in turn, the amount you spend on energy bills. You can reclaim the conservatory space as a living area 365 days of the year and save some cash on household expenses.

What if I already have a glass roof – can I convert it? Is this a hefty building job?

Your glass conservatory roof can be easily converted to a solid one by having Conservatory Roof Insulation System installed over the glass.

It’s not your normal construction job, so you won’t ‘have the builders round’ as such, but instead a specialist technician can attend and install it for you in a few hours. Conservatory Roof Insulation System makes an easy, lightweight option for a solid conservatory roof.

What Is Conservaheat?

Conservatory Roof Insulation System is a specialist conservatory insulation product that was developed originally by NASA, to insulate spacecraft and equipment against the extreme temperatures in space. It’s made up of layers that effectively trap heat whilst still allowing ventilation for residual moisture in the air.

Two layers of true aluminium foil ­line the outer of the insulation, with a futher two layers of ThermoWadding membrane sandwiched between them. The ThermoWadding membrane traps pockets of air to prevent the conduction of radiant energy and help maintain an even temperature. A metalised PolyFoil barrier prevents extreme temperature changes, and a layer of Vapour Control material allows ventilation so there’s no risk of damp or mould.

The material lines the existing solid ceiling of your conservatory, or can act as a light-weight ceiling solution if you already have a glass roof in place.

Conservatory Roof Insulation System is considered the market leading conservatory insulation solution as its specialist design and easy installation make it the best product out there.


Icynene spray foam insulation works on wall and floor cavities to expand and insulate. Unlike traditional insulation, it leaves no areas for air to escape and thus spray foam insulation can’t go mouldy, get damp or rot

Conservatory Insulation System or Spray Foam Insulation?

I live in a pretty cold house. Will sorting my conservatory roof with insulation system be enough?

If you’re concerned that the colder weather will take hold regardless of your conservatory roof, it’s worth talking to a conservatory refurbishment specialist. It may be that you can add insulation to your walls and floor in other parts of your home too; just a different type.

Icynene spray foam insulation works on wall and floor cavities to expand and insulate. Unlike traditional insulation, it leaves no areas for air to escape and thus spray foam insulation can’t go mouldy, get damp or rot.

The nature of the spray foam means that it can be used in any area, so no matter how bespoke your conservatory, it’ll fit. Icynene is an economical option and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so you’re in it for the long haul. It’s also eco-friendly, containing no toxins or allergens, giving you better air quality and a boost to your health

The two combined will give your home the comfort and money savings you were looking for. Please enquire here.

How Do I Speak To a Conservatory Roof Insulation Specialist?

Home Logic’s team of experts and technicians are contactable for a completely free, no-obligation chat. They can make recommendations, give quotes and even arrange a home survey to come out, meet you in person and make bespoke recommendations for you and your home. 

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