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Can I Construct A Conservatory Without Digging Footings?

construct a conservatory without digging footings

Conservatories sit in that odd middle ground between being an extension of a property but not quite being an extension of a home – at least until additional work is done, like installing insulation. 

They generally don’t provide the same living conditions as a living room or bedroom, but they are a room that is regularly inhabited… 

Knowing just what you need to build a good conservatory and what you don’t need is a fine line, but when it comes to the really important factors, like the foundations, you really can’t afford to fall short of the line. 

A good conservatory starts with a good foundation but is it possible to construct a conservatory without digging footings? Let’s find out…

So What Exactly Are Footings? 

There are two very broad types of foundations; there are foundations that are shallow and foundations that are deep. 

If you were building a patio, for example, then you might only need very shallow foundations as the patio weighs very little and isn’t really supporting anything. 

If you were building a house, for example, then you would need deep foundations, as they are going to have to support a considerable amount of weight and the very structure of the building will be relying on them. 

A footing is an element of foundation – essentially the lowest point of the foundation. It is used to spread the weight of the structure above.

Not every foundation has a footing, but where there is a footing, you’ll find a foundation. Normally, footings are used in shallow foundations, so the weight is better distributed without having to create a very deep foundation. 

So, back to the big question, do you need a footing for a conservatory?

construct a conservatory without digging footings

Depending on the style of your foundation, such as if you constructed a very deep foundation, you may be able to get away with no footing, but it really comes down to the old saying ‘better to be safe than sorry’.

Footings and Conservatories: An Essential Pairing?

There is no requirement that a conservatory has to have footings, it can just be constructed on a standard foundation. However, just because there isn’t a requirement doesn’t mean that you should forgo the footing. 

While most conservatories don’t require building regulation approval, there are still guidelines on building work that should be followed for the safety of the extension that you’re looking to build. 

No structure is going to be safe if the foundations aren’t suitable. For many conservatories, footings are normally added at about a minimum of 600mm, and the main concrete foundation at about 150mm deep – although the depths change from company to company.  

Depending on the style of your foundation, such as if you constructed a very deep foundation, you may be able to get away with no footing, but it really comes down to the old saying ‘better to be safe than sorry’.

construct a conservatory without digging footings

Between a strong and sturdy base and a well-insulated roof, you can create a habitable room that can become a kitchen, a dining room, or even a bedroom!

To The Future of Your Conservatory And Beyond!

Strong foundations give you plenty of future conservatory potential, allowing you the freedom to design your conservatory how you wish. Good foundations also ease any worries about potential issues, like subsidence.

By starting the construction with a solid base, you can consider different design options down the line, the converting to a solid conservatory roof. The better the foundations, the more weight that your conservatory can hold. 

With a high-potential future, there is a lot you can do with your conservatory space. This potential is enhanced even further with the installation of a conservatory roof insulation system. 

As the foundations provide strength, the insulation provides comfort throughout the year. A high-quality insulation will help to keep your conservatory warmer during the winter and much more refreshing during the summer. 

The insulation also acts as a barrier against weather damage, like rain and other weather-related problems, like sun glare. 

Build Your Choice Conservatory With Home Logic

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If you’re looking for a strong conservatory that is traditionally designed, modern, or entirely bespoke, then we have the right service for you!

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