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Can I Replace My Own Windows?

can I replace my own windows

Can I replace my own windows ? This question is a common concern among property owners with stricter budgets and timeframes.  

However, unless you`re a dabhand at DIY, installing glazing alone is a massive financial risk.

If anything goes wrong with the install, you`ll be forced to cough up the cash to rectify a botched attempt. Equally, this specialist improvement job requires the right equipment.

Any improvisations for tools may compromise the structure of the framework and its ability to withstand the weather.

Given the stakes, here are 5 key reasons to hire a professional instead...

Reason No. 1: A Botched Attempt Can be Costly and Challenging to Fix

On a sunny, warm weekend, embarking on D.I.Y projects can provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment. However, if you go down this route for your glazing-be warned!

While saving you money in the short-term, a botched, double glazing attempt will be costly to resolve.

Any wrong tools or adjustments can impact the integrity of the frame, leaving you with long-term problems that reduce the efficacy of your glazing.

Moral of the story? Get it right the first time and preserve your peace of mind.

Reason No. 2: You May Need Specialist Tools or Equipment for The Job

On the face of it, installing double glazing seems simple. Record your measurements, select your styles and units, and press them into place.

While some jobs are simpler than others, more complex glazing projects require specialist equipment.

Attempting the job without these is not only foolhardy-it may also jeopardise your safety.

For windows in high-storey homes or installations in hard-to-reach places, specialist tools are required to get the right results.

If scaffolding is also required, an experienced, glazing installer will be able to sort this on your behalf, getting the project right from the get-go.

Reason No. 3: Experts Have a Wealth of Experience to Draw From

When it comes to double glazing your home, you can`t put a price on experience.

Professional double glazing installers have a wealth of industry knowledge, with accreditations from FENSA or CERTASS attesting to the quality of their installs.

They will also be familiar with a range of property types, from compact bungalows and flats to more ample country abodes.

This dearth of glazing experience leaves them unfazed; if issues arise during install, they will fix them swiftly and successfully, rather than floundering around in panic.

Additionally, their knowledge comes in handy for refining your glazing decisions, helping you make the right choice for your home.

Reason No. 4: They Know the Latest Building Regulations and Requirements

Planning a home renovation and want to know where you stand? Professional glazing firms are aware of the latest requirements, and the red tape you need to work with before you begin.

You may have to stick to a certain style or ensure that your chosen material blends seamlessly with a historic backdrop.

As regulations are often updated, having a knowledgeable supplier on hand provides additional reassurance.

Not only do they know these stipulations in detail-they can also suggest novel new ways to work within their parameters.

If you live in a listed building or an area of outstanding beauty, their knowledge will be a Godsend. 

Reason No. 5: They Offer Loyalty Schemes and Discounts

Rather than going it alone, enlisting support from the experts can work in your favour financially.

In a bid to court your custom, double glazing installers are offering a variety of schemes that encourage customer loyalty (and hopefully a positive review!)

Nowadays, loyalty schemes and discounts are gaining popularity. These schemes aim to reward existing customers for returning to the same installer and requesting their services again.

These value-added loyalty schemes offer discounts for future purchases and deals for multiple items. When you meet each supplier, ask them about these deals-you might be nicely surprised! 

Reason No. 6: You Will Receive a 25 Year Guarantee as Standard

We`ve saved the best till last! When you go it alone, the stakes are certainly higher. With no guarantee or safety net, the success of the installation requires a master craftsman.

In contrast, an experienced double glazing firm will offer a 25-year guarantee, providing you with the long-term cover you need.

Thinking of renovating your windows and wondering where to start? Our team of glazing experts are on hand to help, leaving you with first-rate results the first time.

Simply call 0800 1700 636 to talk through your options today.