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Spray Foam Insulation

Can I Use Spray Foam To Insulate My Cellar Room?

Can I Use Spray Foam To Insulate My Cellar Room

The first thought that springs to many people’s mind when they think ‘cellar’, is a tiny room, that is cold, damp, and generally uninhabitable. However, that space under your home has more potential than you might think.

Applications for planning permission to build basements and cellars in the UK has soared in recent years. More and more people are seeing the potential of digging down rather than moving out.

Loft conversions are still perhaps the most sought-after living space extension, way up there with conservatories, but the trend of basement addition and renovation is sweeping the UK.

The big question that often worries homeowners when it comes to cellars though, is just how to turn the space into somewhere habitable. The question is often followed by something similar to: can you use spray foam to insulate a cellar room?

The answer to the question lies in just how spray foam insulation works…

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Spray foam insulation is one of the most modern forms of home and commercial insulation. It has been used in everything from large commercial projects, to residential floor and wall insulation.

The way that spray foam works is very different to most common forms of insulation material. The foam is designed to expand when it interacts with the desired surface.

This means that the spray foam can be utilised on spaces that are both enclosed, such as in the case of a cavity wall, and exposed, like in the case of ceiling insulation.

The insulation comes in two different varieties, both with different properties: open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam.

Closed-cell spray foam is strong and fairly durable, offering very high R-values of around 6 to 6.5, and is resistant to both the passage of air and the passage of moisture.

Open-cell spray foam is softer in composition and has an R-value of around 3.5. Resistant to air passage, open-cell spray foam can be utilised in spaces where closed-cell spray foam is not as suitable, and is most appropriate for residential abodes.

Can I Use Spray Foam To Insulate My Cellar Room

Spray foam creates optimum conditions in your cellar, driving down your bills in the process. Yep, we'll definitely drink to that! 

Does That Mean "Can I Use spray foam to insulate my cellar room?"

The ability of spray foam insulation to expand quickly when applied to any suitable surface, means that it isn’t just suitable for cellar room insulation, but is one of the best insulation options out there.

Spray foam insulation can be applied to the floor of the cellar or the ceiling, and it can even be used to insulate behind newly constructed stud walls.

Using spray foam insulation in a cellar room also helps to increase the warmth and comfort in the rest of a property. This is especially the case when insulation is installed on the ceiling of a cellar, with property floor insulation able to save you money on your heating bills and prevent draughts.

The Benefits Of Insulating A Cellar Room

When installed professionally, there are a number of major benefits to using spray foam in a cellar room. Some of the main benefits, include:

 Extra Space that is fully inhabitable
 Less energy expenditure when heating the space
 Less risk of damp and mould growth
 Noise reduction
 Warmer and more comfortable enviroment

Can I Use Spray Foam To Insulate My Cellar Room

With spray foam insulation on your side, you can rest assured that your cellar will retain an ambient temperature long-term!

Where Else Can Spray Foam Be Used?

Not only can spray foam be used to insulate cellar rooms, it can also be used to insulate nearly everywhere else in your home. Some of the most common places for spray foam insulation application, include:

• Between the rafters in the loft
• Behind cavity walls
• In the loft floor joists
• In crawlspaces
• Under the floor
• On the celing
• Around common draught spots

No matter where in your home that you feel the insulation isn’t up to scratch, spray foam insulation can step in to help.

Home Logic – Your First Port Of Call For Spray Foam Insulation

Want to turn your cellar into a guest bedroom? Need an extra bathroom in your home? Looking for an additional storage room?

With spray foam insulation in a cellar room, you can completely transform the space into an area of your home that is practical, useful, and beautiful.

At Home Logic, we offer a wide range of spray foam insulation solutions, for home environments and commercial properties.

If you want to revitalise your home, with energy-saving spray foam insulation, then get into contact with our team today by calling 0800 1700 636, or simply clicking the button below!