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Can Spray Foam Help My Draughty Loft Hatch?

Can Spray Foam Help My Draughty Loft Hatch

Can Spray Foam Help My Draughty Loft Hatch

Whether they’re coming from your loft, from between your windows, or around your doors, draughts are one thing – a nuisance!

A draughty home is a home that is going to be much colder than it should be. This means that a draughty property is expending additional energy to try and maintain a suitable temperature.

As part of the climate change plan in the UK, draughty homes are a major target. Through draught-proofing measures you can bring down the energy expenditure in your home and start to save money on your energy bills.

If you’ve found yourself having to ask, can spray foam help my draughty loft? Then it’s time to take a look at how spray foam can put an end to draughty, cold lofts, once and for all!

Draughty Loft Hatch? Here’s The Solution!

Spray foam insulation is designed to help prevent warm air from escaping a property by providing a full additional barrier of protection. In areas where this is installed, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in draughts, as the passage of air is reduced.

When spray foam insulation is installed, your property will still have that vital ventilation, which is highly controllable. However, the normally uncontrollable draughts, will be eliminated in the area where the spray foam is.

To stop draughts coming from the loft hatch, there are two very different insulation types that you can choose: loft floor insulation and loft ceiling insulation.

Can Spray Foam Help My Draughty Loft Hatch

Spray foam stops your loft hatch from being draughty due to its superior seal. The result? Ambient conditions which are far more conducive to comfort

Option No.1: Loft Floor Insulation

Loft floor insulation is installed between the joists of the loft floor. This creates what’s known as a cold loft, where the temperature in the loft is a lot cooler than the rest of the house.

Floor insulation doesn’t regulate the temperature in the loft, but it does keep the rest of the home much warmer, stopping the escape of warm air from the rest of the property. It also has the benefit of putting an end to those pesky draughts.

Option No.2: Loft Ceiling Insulation

Loft ceiling insulation works a little differently, targeting the rafters of a loft instead of the floor. When spray foam insulation is installed in the rafters of a loft, it creates a warm loft.

In a similar way to loft floor insulation, the spray foam stops the loft hatch being draughty by eliminating the draught spots in the attic. Your loft space will still be able to breathe but have the benefits of being thermally efficient and draught-free.

Identifying Other Draughts in Your Home

If you’re suffering from a draughty loft hatch, then there is a good chance that you have other troublesome draughts in your home that need to be addressed.

Some of the main draught spots in a property, include:

• Under and between the floorboards
• Around windows and doors
• Around the pipework and electrical fixtures
• Where the ceiling and wall meet

Can Spray Foam Help My Draughty Loft Hatch

Drive out loft draughts the easy way, with the help of Home Logic-and reclaim your use of the space in the process. It's a win-win situation!

Drive Out Draughts Once And For All!

Creating a draught-tackling master-plan can help you to save around £60 a year on your energy bills-and enhance your comfort in the process.

Spray foam insulation can be used as an underfloor insulation material, as well as a suitable material to go around pipework and some electrical fixtures. It can also be used to eliminate those common draughts that appear around the windows and doors in your home.

While spray foam can help you to eliminate many draughts in your home, there are also some top DIY tips that you can put into practice:

 Invest in draught excluders for the bottom of your doors.
 Re-caulk windows to reduce draughts.
 Use a sealant to seal skirting boards around the home.
 Make sure fireplaces are blocked and covered if they’re not being used.
 Check to see if the hinges on your doors and windows are tight.
 Ensure that the shutters on your extractor fans are working.

There may be many draught spots around the home, but with a few simple DIY tricks and checks, and a better degree of home insulation, you can put a stop to them very easily.

Draught Proofing: How Home Logic Can Help

If you’re tired of draughts making your home cold, no matter how much you turn up the heating, then the high-quality spray foam insulation provided by our team at Home Logic, can help.

Our professional standard spray insulation is ideal to eliminate draughty loft hatches, and most of the other common draught spots in a property.

If you would like to learn more about spray foam insulation and draught prevention, please get into contact with our team today by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!