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Can You Convert A Conservatory To A Walk In Shower?

Can You Convert A Conservatory To A Walk In Shower

When most people think of converting their conservatory space, they think of turning it into a dining room, living room-or perhaps even a new kitchen. There are near endless ways to utilise the space and transform it into a functional room.

However, converting a conservatory into a bathroom, or just a walk in shower, is not often what is considered. Partly because a conservatory to walk in shower conversion seems like a massive change of direction.

The general perception of a conservatories are that it’s an occasional use addition – hot in the Summer, and cold in the Winter. But, can it be more, and can you convert a conservatory to a walk in shower?

The simple answer is yes.

The second you think of a conservatory as a room, and not just an addition for storage, the potential of the space increases ten-fold. Not to mention the fact that both adding a conservatory and adding a bathroom can increase the value of your home.

Not only can a conservatory be converted into a walk in shower, but it can be converted into a truly unique part of your home.

So, how exactly do you go about altering the purpose of the space so drastically? It’s time to find out…

From Classic Conservatory To Feature Bathroom

The first step of converting a conservatory into a walk in shower is to start turning the space into more of a room than a simple extension. After all, most conservatories are effectively big glass boxes.

There are some key things that you need to consider for your conservatory transformation:

• Privacy
• Temperature
• Surface Suitability (Waterproof)

This means that adjustments may have to be made to the walls of your conservatory, but you’ll definitely have to consider roof covering ideas.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to turn the glass roof of a conservatory into a suitable roof for a walk in shower

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Can You Convert A Conservatory To A Walk In Shower

Conservatory Roofing For A Walk in Shower: The Lowdown

While converting to a solid roof is one option, conservatory insulation can be a much more practical choice. With conservatory insulation, you tackle the problem of temperature regulation, ventilation, and privacy, all in one go.

Modern conservatory insulation systems can completely alter the purpose of the space – giving it the look and feel of a standard room.

Multiple layers of air pockets, foam, aluminium, and wadding are used to construct the insulation system. Hidden behind a stylish plastic covering, these deliver heat-saving, temperature regulating, and  condensation controlling benefits.

Once the insulation is installed, you gain a conservatory that is warmer in the Winter, and cooler in the Summer; ideal for a walk in shower environment.

The unique design of the insulation also tackles ventilation, with condensation and damp being drastically reduced in the process as well.

Thanks to the insulation system – you also get privacy from above!

What About The Walls Of A Walk In Shower?

The walls of a walk in shower need to be water-proof, or close to, but they also need to offer some privacy. Thankfully, glass is generally water-proof, and the privacy issue is also pretty easy to tackle.

For ultimate privacy, frosted glass or frosted glass film can completely transform the purpose of a conservatory space. Add tiles to the walls that aren’t made from glass, and a suitable shower floor, and you have all the workings of a practical and beautiful walk in shower.

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Can You Convert A Conservatory To A Walk In Shower

What About Drainage, Fixtures And Venting?

Of course, the look of your conservatory is only half the battle when turning it into the perfect walk in shower. You have suitable walls, a high-quality temperature regulating roofing, now you need the actual shower part.

The best bit is that conservatories under a certain size need no planning permission, and neither do many types of bathroom additions. Taking the last step and finishing your transformation just involves adding adequate drainage, and shower fixtures, as well as ensuring that ventilation is up to scratch.

At this point, the process is very similar to as if you were altering the use of any room in your home.

After all, with the beneficial changes to your conservatory roof,  conservatories should already be feeling and working as any other room in your home.

Home Logic – Making Your Conservatory Transformations A Reality

Excited to get started and unleash the potential of your conservatory?

At Home Logic, we provide high-quality insulation for conservatories old and new, as well as beautiful new conservatories available in a multitude of designs.

If you’re ready to change the purpose of your conservatory space or are looking for the perfect solution to getting extra space in your home, we’re always on hand to help.

Get into contact with our team today, to realise the potential of your conservatory space! Call 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below!

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