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Can You Insulate A Lean-To Conservatory Roof?

Can You Insulate A Lean To Conservatory Roof

Lean-to conservatories have a very unique design that can pose a problem when it comes to choosing an insulation material that’s going to work effectively with the structure.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a warmer and more comfortable lean-to environment; insulation is a very real possibility for most types of lean-to conservatory. 

The answer to the question of ‘can you insulate a lean-to conservatory roof?’, is a firm ‘yes’ and we’re going to be covering the materials that you need for effective insulation in solid roof lean-to conservatories and glass or polycarbonate roof conservatories. 

Read on to learn more about protecting your conservatory with exceptional quality insulation…

Insulation for a Solid Roof Lean To Conservatory 

A solid roof lean-to conservatory will have very similar properties to the solid roof on your property. Often, this means that similar insulation materials can be used to insulate the conservatory as those that can be used to insulate your standard roof. 

For a strong and effective insulation material that’s easy to install and packed full of benefits, spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for your lean-to conservatory roof. 

Spray foam insulation is installed by spraying it onto the desired area, where it immediately starts to expand until it has formed a layer that is able to reduce heat transfer.

This type of insulation can protect your conservatory from heat loss during the winter and from heat gain during the summer – giving you year-round protection so you can always enjoy your conservatory environment. 

Can You Insulate A Lean To Conservatory Roof

Layers of true aluminium foil, thermowadding membrane, metalized poly foil and vapour control form together to help prevent heat loss inside the conservatory in Winter, and heat gain during the Summer

Insulation for a Glass/Polycarbonate Roof Lean-To Conservatory

For lean-to conservatories that have a roof constructed from glass or polycarbonate, like many conservatories in the UK, a specialist material is required to create an effective layer of protection.

One of the top products on the market for conservatories constructed from traditional materials is multi-foil insulation. This high-quality form of conservatory insulation has proven to be an invaluable addition to conservatories up and down the country and was originally designed by NASA.

Layers of true aluminium foil, thermowadding membrane, metalized poly foil and vapour control form together to help prevent heat loss inside the conservatory and in the warmest months of the year, heat gain. 

Installed behind an attractive roof covering, this insulation material will improve your conservatory without taking up any floor space or ruining the atmosphere in the room.

What Are the Benefits of an Insulated Conservatory?

If you’re looking to transform your lean-to conservatory into a stunning room that the whole family can enjoy throughout the year, then insulation is an essential product that you can’t do without.

Insulation, either in spray foam form or multi-foil form, will completely change the way that your conservatory feels; the environment will be incredibly comfortable and much more practical.

If you’re still uncertain over whether insulation is the right choice for your conservatory, then check out some of the biggest benefits that you can look forward to:

  • Insulation helps a conservatory to stay warmer in the winter.
  • Insulation helps a conservatory to stay cooler in the summer.
  • The energy efficiency of the conservatory will increase.
  • It will cost less to heat your conservatory.
  • The temperature will be better-regulated.
  • Sun glare will be eliminated, as will sun bleaching.
  • The conservatory will be much quieter.
  • There will be greater protection against mould, damp, and condensation.

can you insulate a lean to conservatory roof

Insulation is a winning investment for lean-to conservatories old and new, giving the room a whole new lease on life for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come!

Reclaim Your Conservatory For Year Round Use!

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