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Castor Oil Based Foam For Wall Insulation: Is It Viable?


castor oil based foam Spray Foam Insulation

Castor oil is an incredibly popular product, with an outstanding number of benefits. A little castor oil will take the soreness out of your muscles, help your hair to grow, and moisturise your skin… not to mention the long list of health benefits to be had!

As a beauty and health product, castor oil is exceptional, but that’s not the only market where the marvellous oil is held in high esteem. Surprisingly, castor oil also makes for a pretty exceptional insulation material too. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the benefits of castor oil based foam for wall insulation, and get to the bottom of what it can offer your home long-term… 

What Is Castor Oil Based Foam Insulation?

Castor oil is the base for the commonly known spray foam insulation, and, in particular, Icynene spray foam insulation.

You may have seen the revolutionary spray foam insulation in action before; it’s recognisable for the expanding nature of the foam (from liquid to foamy solid in the blink of an eye!).

Spray foam insulation is used throughout the UK for its exceptional thermal efficiency, and it’s not surprising that the product does so well when it’s based on such a diverse and beneficial oil base. 

But let’s move onto wall insulation, and take a look at why castor oil based foam insulation is being chosen by homeowners all over the UK…

The Biggest Benefits of Castor Oil Insulation

Many of the benefits of spray foam originate from the way that the insulation forms a consistent barrier, and, of course, from the material's heat retention capacities. Here are six of the biggest benefits of castor oil insulation:

1)    Keeps Your Home Warm

What good would an insulation material be if it couldn’t keep you warm? Spray foam insulation creates a strong and effective barrier agaisnt heat loss, keeping all that expensive heat inside your home where it belongs. 

2)    Boosts Energy Efficiency 

The more heat that stays inside your home, the less energy that you need to use to keep your property warm. In an age when energy efficiency is incredibly important, it pays to reduce the amount of energy you use every day. 

3)    Improves Air Quality

The spray foam barrier stops heat loss but also doubles up as a barrier against airborne pollutants, helping to improve the home environment for those of us who suffer from allergies and asthma. The insulation also helps to stop the growth of mould spores!

4)    Increases Home Comfort

A comfortable home is one that you want to spend time in, and spray foam certainly delivers on the comfort front. After spray foam is installed, your home will be warmer, quieter, and more peaceful-with a refreshingly regulated interior temperature. 

5)    Deters Pests

Pests are, well, an absolute pest, whether they’re in the walls, the attic, or the floors. Spray foam won’t provide food for pests or provide them with nesting material, helping to deter those contentious critters from setting up camp in your home. 

6)    Saves You Money

The strong barrier that spray foam insulation creates will help you to save money over time by reducing your energy bills. Less energy needed to heat your home means more money in your bank at the end of every month; a win-win situatiuon all round!

How Can You Enhance Your Insulation Even Further?

Castor oil insulation is a great product for any style of home, but it isn’t the only way that you can protect your property from dreaded heat loss. Another top product for walls, and one that works perfectly in tandem with spray foam insulation, is a professional wall coating product known as Properla. 

Wall coatings tackle the problem of moisture seeping into exterior walls and causing both degradation and damp.

With the addition of a wall coating, you can ensure that your insulation remains as effective as possible all throughout the year, and even enjoy a better-looking home in the process!

Thanks to the hydrophobic nature of the wall coating, dirt will no longer be able to attach so easily to your walls. The coating also reduces the chance of moss, lichens, and algae from growing on your wall!

Home Logic – The Gateway to a Warmer Home

At Home Logic, we offer a wide range of effective solutions for home insulation – including wall coatings and castor oil based insulation.

If you’re tired of a cold house, and hankering after a home that remains warm, safe, and peaceful-no matter the weather or the temperature, call our friendly team today on 0800 1700 636!