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Ceiling Insulation : Top Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Money

Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation: Top Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Money

If your property is cooler than you’d like but doesn’t have an attic, there’s no need to worry about installing serious home improvements to make the temperature more comfortable and manageable.

There is a way of insulating a ceiling without an attic room below it, and it’s traditionally known as ‘drill and fill insulation’.

Traditional ceiling insulation is in the form of fibreglass or wool panels, which are laid between the floorboards of your attic up to 10 inches deep, depending on type and requirements.

This not only takes up a great deal of volume in the room, leaving you with little space above it; it also results in the available loft space feeling incredibly cold and draughty – hardly the kind of room you’d actually want to live in and use.

Consequently, most attic rooms across the UK are used only as storage space. What a waste!

Spray Foam: The Multi-Purpose Insulation Solution

Instead, there is a much more modern and effective insulation solution that gives you your room back – and if you don’t have an attic space, lines your bare ceiling, to insulate directly against it.

Known as ‘drill and fill insulation’, this method usually requires a tradesperson drilling a hole in your ceiling (but not all the way through it!), and pushing, or blowing into the hole, a cellulose insulation solution, to fill the cavity. However, in most cases cellulose isn’t able to fill the entire cavity sufficiently.

In contrast, the newest and most efficient product is spray foam insulation. An industrial spray foam, this is a chemical mixture that is blown with water for application.

As a foam, it expands up to one hundred times its original size, but then rather than fading or dissolving in the way other household foams do, it instead dries out and solidifies as its larger foam. This expansion means that it can be injected into a cavity or sprayed onto a surface and will cover all of it.

In the case of wall or ceiling cavities, this product is the perfect fit for the job; as the foam will expand into and then seal off any space, enabling even hard-to-reach places to be insulated to an adequate level.

Ceiling Insulation

Spray Foam Ceiling Insulation 101

Spray foam ceiling insulation can be sprayed directly onto roof or ceiling surfaces if the ceiling is not suitable to be drilled. Whilst in these instances you may wish to disuse the sprayed room for up to 24-hours to allow for the foam to dry, it can then be either left open to air or covered.

Icynene spray foam insulation is white, and won’t attract dust but may need a light wipe down from time to time. If this fits the aesthetic of your ceiling, you may wish to keep it, or you can add over it a lining so that your ceiling looks as it did before – or fits a new interior design you wish to put in its place.

Our expert spray foam technicians can advise, quote and offer you a custom-fit service, tailored to your individual specifications and requirements.

Once installed, spray foam insulation acts as a ‘building envelope’ for your property, sealing it off from the outside world.

This will result in less heating and cooling, reducing energy bills (up to 50%!) and increasing energy efficiency. It also provides soundproofing (up to 40% of total sound control), and will safeguard your home against water: keeping damp and mould at bay, and, in turn, improving the air quality within the home.

There are no toxins within spray foam, and it will prevent airborne allergens and pollutants from passing through, and into the internal space.

Spray foam insulation also needs to be installed by a tradesperson, but in this case, they must be a specialist technician, and not just a standard insulation provider.

Our expert team of technicians are all British Board of Agrement (BBA) accredited. Once installed by a specialist technician, your spray foam insulation is guaranteed for 25-years.

To discuss your requirements with a specialist, contact us today. We’re more than happy to discuss options, provide quotes, make recommendations, and carry out home surveys completely free of charge-with no obligation or pressure to buy. To find out more, simply click the button below! or by calling 0800 1700 636