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Cheap D.I.Y Spray Foam Insulation: Is It Worth The Risk?

cheap diy spray foam insulation

It is quite usual for diy enthusiasts to actively look for new projects to enhance the comfort of their home. Upgrading the insulation of their home using D.I.Y spray foam insulation is one such project. 

To be fair, diy spray foam insulation is the cheaper option compared to hiring the services of a professional

But the problem is that do-it-yourself spray foam insulation is only suitable for smaller areas and for minute touch-ups in places where the existing spray foam insulation has been removed in order to gain access to components such as electrical wiring.

So, if you have to fill in narrow or small cavities around the door frames or windows, you can definitely try D.I.Y spray foam insulation.

However, if you are planning to insulate your home yourself, you may have taken up a mammoth task!

DIY Spray foam insulation can be really tricky, especially for a novice. Even though the installation process looks easy, there are certain complexities that only professionals can overcome, as the following article reveals…

Problem No.1: The Chance Of Missing Air Leakage Points Is High

The primary reason for using spray foam insulation is that it needs to be sprayed onto the insulation points that are the weakest. It needs to be sprayed on all the main air leakage sites in your home.

Your home will only be warm and comfortable if proper insulation has been carried out.

However, since you are not experienced or trained in this enterprise, the chances of missing one or two or more leakage spots in the house are high.

This will make you experience cold draughts even after you have carried out D.I.Y spray foam insulation, leading to total wastage of both your time and money.

By availing the services of a professional, you can rest easy knowing that they will not leave even a single leakage spot in your home.

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cheap diy spray foam insulation

Problem No.2: It’s Difficult To Achieve The Right Level Of Thickness

Without proper training and experience, it is not possible for you to gauge how thick you need to spray the spray foam insulation. Therefore, the thickness is likely to be vastly inaccurate.

You might either end up spraying too little or too much. The result? Your precious time and investment will simply go down the drain!

Problem No.3: Large Likelihood Of Error Without Prior Knowledge And Expertise

Spray foam insulation is only going to perform as desired if it has been sprayed into the points and cavities within the building envelope. If you are unable to do so, the efficiency of spray foam insulation will be greatly reduced.

Your property is not going to be as warm as you would have expected, and again, your hard work, effort and, of course, money is going to go to waste.

Are you ready to face failure in your DIY spray foam insulation effort? Do-it-yourself is never a foolproof plan, and the same is the case with spray foam insulation. In case you do not have any prior knowledge, experience and training with spray foam insulation, it is best not to attempt it.

Most DIY spray foam insulation attempts end in utter failure because of the lack of proper equipment, and trained eye that’s able to prepare the area to spray accordingly, in the correct quantities.

Professionals thoroughly scan a property before commencing on the spray foam insulation project because they want to be absolutely clear regarding the placement of the air leakage sites.

However, since you have a lot of work to take care of, you may not have that much time to properly scan your house.

Is Cheap DIY Spray Foam Insulation Worth The Risk? Final Conclusion

So, it can be safely said that diy spray foam insulation is not a risk that you would want to take. At first, it might appear lucrative to you and you might think that this is the cheapest option, but in the long run, this decision of yours will turn out to be very expensive.

In case your D.I.Y attempt fails, you will not just be wasting your valuable time, but also substantial money. You will also have to re-do the entire project in the case of a botched attempt.

Are you willing to pay double for a task that can be done once by a professional? The answer is pretty simple – NO!

Save yourself time and money by letting the professionals do what they do best. All you think about is returning back from work every day to a home that is snug, comfortable and cosy. You would definitely feel proud of your decision to not have gone down the dodgy D.I.Y route!

Cheap D.I.Y spray foam insulation may seem like a clever way to cost-cut, but with the potential problems at play, it’s really not worth taking the risk. Ensure peace of mind from the outset with the help of the experts. Calling 0800 1700 636 , or Simply clicking the button below to talk to our team today!

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