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Choosing Carriage House Style Garage Doors: 3 Top Tips

carriage house style garage doors

Having a garage is a benefit to any property; offering convenience, space, and an appealing property feature – but only when that garage is looked after!

All over the UK, garages are being left to wrack and ruin, not living up to the potential that the versatile extra floor space could deliver. To revitalise their garages and give them a chance to live up to their potential, many people choose to replace their garage doors.

Replacing your garage door can add to the kerb-appeal of your property, but also turn what can sometimes feel like a damp and draughty space into a warm and comfortable addition to your home – making for a valuable and secure space to park your car or for a multitude of other purposes.

One of the top options are carriage house style garage doors. These offer classic charm to both period and modern properties, really helping to transform the convenient space into something truly special.

What Is Carriage House Style Garage Doors?

Modern carriage house style garage doors are modelled after the classic carriage door – spaces once used to store buggies and carriages. At the time, these were a sign of wealth, and even today, the classic charm of the door style is still considered a luxury, high-end garage door option.

Most carriage house style garage doors feature a duel-door design, decorative hardware, and small windows at the top. The windows add a unique charm to the door style, making the door an inviting and beautiful addition to any home.

There are quite a few types of carriage house style garage doors, so when looking for the best purchase for your home, you’ll have a good variety to choose from.

Choosing A Carriage House Style Garage Door: 3 Key Points To Consider

There is a lot more that goes into garage designing than most people realise, something that is especially the case when looking at the perfect carriage house style garage doors for your home.

There are three big factors that need considering when purchasing carriage house style garage doors: security, insulation, and material. Let’s explore each factor in a little more detail:


Security is a big factor for any home improvement project that changes the exterior of your home. Poor-quality locks, windows, and doors, can all make it incredibly easy for a burglar to break in.

Garage doors also need to be secured against damage from the elements, being prone to wind and weather damage due to their size. This means careful consideration needs to be given to each element of the door’s hardware.

carriage house style garage doors

You’ll also need to pick a type of glass for the doors if you want to achieve a beautiful finish, without detracting from the overall security of the door. As with the rest of your home, the right glazing option will add security, energy-efficiency, and reduce the maintenance required to look after a garage door


Most people don’t consider the need to insulate garages, and especially not carriage house style garage doors. However, the garage is an extension of your home, and if you want to banish the cold harsh UK weather in the Winter, you’ll likely need some form of garage door insulation.

There are a number of ways that you can insulate a garage door, including use of the ever-popular spray foam insulation.


The type of material that you choose is going to play a big part in just how stable, secure, and energy-efficient your new garage door is going to be. The four main material options for carriage house style garage doors are: wood, vinyl, aluminium, and composite doors (which feature a mix of materials.)

Composite doors are one of the most versatile, diverse, and secure of these options. A high-quality composite door will be low maintenance, good-looking, and resistant to moisture damage. Vinyl can also be an incredibly worthwhile consideration; offering strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Can These Materials Help Any Where Else in My Home?

Getting the right look and style for your carriage house style garage doors can give you a functional, secure, and beautiful addition to your garage. However, composite, vinyl, and high-quality glass, like triple-glazing, can be of substantial benefit in other areas of your home as well.

Composite doors are one of the strongest types on offer, making them ideal for entrance-ways-especially in exposed areas of the country. The strength of the materials, combined with modern technology, can make it a highly beneficial door type to keep your family safe, and your home secure.

Similarly, vinyl is a top choice for window frames; offering diverse designs and an incredibly strong casing.

If you have single glazing on your property or outdated double-glazing, then you’re likely losing a considerable amount of energy through your windows, paying more than you need to on your heating bills, and you’re home isn’t as secure as it could be.

Changing to a modern window system, with high-quality vinyl frames and triple-glazing, is an excellent preparation for the future of your home.

At Home Logic, we can help you to find the perfect solutions to all your door, window, and insulation needs.

Whether you’re after modern triple-glazing, composite doors, or spray foam insulation for your carriage door, we have you covered with high-quality materials and years of experience in home improvements. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to talk to our team today!