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Spray Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Spray Foam Health Concerns

closed cell spray foam health concerns

Within the sphere of home and building insulation, many may differ on the main reason for trying out new green building ideas. Some may want to do right by the environment, through lowering their carbon footprint, while others may want to reduce their monthly expenses.

Either way, all homeowners can agree that the health and safety of their family and loved ones is the number one priority, and is under no circumstances to be endangered.

Sadly though, the truth of the matter is that we have been failing quite miserably, because we may have been paying a great deal of attention to the health effects that building materials have on us the past 20 years, but we have been creating chemicals which impact air quality for over 100 years.

What is Spray Foam?

Some of the home D.I.Y specialists may well know about closed cell spray foam health effects, but many may still be wondering what it is, and why it’s important.

Put simply, spray foam is a chemical compound, which has gained popularity as a material used in building insulation- due to its relatively low cost, and ease-of-use. However, there have also been on-going concerns around its use, and the impact it may have on overall safety in the home.

How Can Spray Foam Affect Year Health?

The main issue is that cheaper and older spray foam types are commonly made of a synthetic material called polyurethane, which may be found in a wide variety of everyday products, and does not pose any threat when dry.

However, because the polyurethane is wet when the foam is applied, the harmful chemicals can still be absorbed through the skin or inhaled, which may in turn lead to eye, skin and lung irritation, or even asthma.

In addition to these closed cell foam spray health concerns, there is also the issue of flammability of the material, which is not only flammable, but can also dispel even more harmful smoke when burning.

The effects of smoke inhalation from burning polyurethane can be much worse than just the chemicals inhaled from foam which is not yet set.

Are Safer Options Available?

Seeing as spray foam has found such a sizeable following among homeowners because of its relatively low cost, and reasonably high energy saving efficiency, it would seem only logical that there should be a safer option on the market today.

The good news is that there are some safer options for your home, such as our own specially formulated spray foam insulation, which is able to deliver all the benefits of spray foam, without any of those closed cell spray foam health concerns.

This spray foam is able to reduce health and energy losses in homes by up to 35%, and is completely safe, without any toxic or harmful ingredients, ensuring ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family for years to come.

closed cell spray foam health concerns

As vendors of this product are registered with the BBA, you will also receive a BBA certificate upon completion of the spray foam installation in your home. That is something which you can trust!

Additional Benefits Of Spray Foam

There are quite a few advantages which this spray foam has which set it apart from some of its competitors:

  • Home Logic Spray Foam does not settle or degrade over time, which means that it does not have to be regularly replaced to ensure proper insulation.
  • Home Logic Spray Foam does not absorb any water or moisture, which greatly reduces any chance of mould and condensation when properly installed.
  • Houses which are properly filled with spray foam also have the added advantage of improve structural resilience.
  • Licensed installers offer a BBA certificate, and a 25 year warranty with this product.

How Can You Be Sure Spray Foam Is Safe?

As previously stated, one cannot be too careful when it comes to matters of health, and thus you need to be sure that you are not installing a product which has closed cell spray foam health concerns.

As vendors of this product are registered with the BBA, you will also receive a BBA certificate upon completion of the spray foam installation in your home. That is something which you can trust!

Leave It To The Professionals

Before you run out and go looking for spray foam to insulate your house with, you should be aware that there are various safety and other general issues which should be taken into consideration, in addition to the closed cell spray foam health concerns.

Most operators of such chemicals such as spray foam are properly trained, licensed professionals, who not only have the experience and training to properly do the job, but are also aware of all the safety precautions, and have the correct equipment to ensure that the space is properly insulated.

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