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Composite doors Newcastle

Do you want a door that will protect your property? Composite doors are a wise investment for any property and will provide you with a range of benefits. In addition to our insulation services, Home Logic supply only composite doors. For a complete composite doors Newcastle service, look no further than Home Logic.

Our Composite doors Newcastle

Are you unhappy with your current door on your Newcastle property? Invest in one of our composite doors in Newcastle today and it will be a decision that you will not regret.  Home Logic provides the best price composite doors in the whole of Newcastle.

Composite doors have the following advantage for your Newcastle property:

Robust and long-lasting

Did you know that composite doors are one of the strongest doors on the market? All of our composite doors are made from glass reinforced plastic which is an incredibly tough material. A composite door will give you peace of mind that your Newcastle property is safe from intruders and the elements

Every door we fit come with PVC edging which ensures a seamless fit, and we also fit a thick 4mm aluminium lock on every composite door in Newcastle.

Colour choices

Are you sick of boring, plain doors? With a composite door, you will have the opportunity to customise your door with our wonderful colour door palette. Choose from colours such as:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream and Chartwell Green
  • Darkwood
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Oak
  • Red
  • White

You will also be able to choose the colour of your door frames and hardware types for your Newcastle composite door.

Reglazable windows

If the windows on your Newcastle composite door are vandalised at any time, Home Logic can easily replace the windows upon request. We will remove the damaged window cassette from your door and insert a new window cassette.

Hardware and frames

To ensure that your composite door in Newcastle truly meets all of your door needs, we also provide a selection of hardware and frame to further customise your composite doors in Newcastle. From furniture suites to renowned door frames, you will not be disappointed with our selection of hardware.

Side panels

Home Logic supplies a range of side panels to complement your composite door. We have over seven designs, 10 colours and loads of glass combinations.

Why choose Home Logic?

When you choose Home Logic to provide your property with a Newcastle composite doors service, you will benefit from our 35 years plus of combined experience in home improvement. All doors in your property will be installed by our expert team who will ensure the fit is seamless.

So brighten up your door and contact us today for our superb composite doors in Newcastle.