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Condensation in Conservatory Roof Panels


Many homeowners are making the choice to build a conservatory or sunroom, to provide a place to relax in, both for themselves and their families.

What happens when the Winter arrives, however? Condensation in conservatory roof panels is a complaint that a great many individuals are experiencing, and it can negatively impact anybody’s enjoyment of their extension – as well as reduce the overall value of a home.

Thankfully, condensation in conservatory roof panels can be avoided and rectified, and this guide will discuss the steps that you can take to enjoy your extension all year around…

What Causes Condensation in Conservatory Roof Panels?

A conservatory is built and designed to be wholly watertight, keeping any unwelcome raindrops out, and trapping any rays of the sun within.

This is what makes them so toasty during the Summer months, and a great place to relax in, without risking direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

The trade-off for this comes during the Autumn and Winter, when the air outside becomes considerably cooler. As the cold air has no way of gaining access to your conservatory, the roof will repel it.

In doing so, this cool air will turn to moisture – which, in turn, will be liquidised and condense into water that seeps into the ceiling of your conservatory.

What Design Should I Choose to Avoid Condensation in Conservatory Roof Panels?

Conservatories do not come in a standard or generic shape or size, and there are a plethora of different designs on offer from professional providers. 

A business such as Southampton Conservatories will be able to offer invaluable advice on this subject.

Customers should always look for a design that can be well ventilated. Any homeowner with sufficient space on their property should consider an Edwardian Conservatory for this very reason.

As a larger design that replicates a traditional room within a home, these extensions provide plenty of options for windows, doors and other forms of ventilation – and this will prevent all cool air falling upon the roof and causing damaging condensation and damp.

Once the investment in an Edwardian Conservatory has been made, however, any homeowner should serious consider roof insulation or some other form of roof improvements – doing so will greatly prolong the lifespan and value of the conservatory.

Our talented team at Home Logic provide plenty of advice on actions that any homeowner could take to keep their conservatory ambient all year round.


Conservatory insulation will keep the temperature of your extension consistent throughout the Summer months, whilst simultaneously keeping it warmer during the Winter, to ensure that the conservatory does not go untouched for months on end

My Extension is Built – Can I Prevent Condensation in Conservatory Roof Panels?

The most reliable way of preventing condensation in conservatory roof panels – while also minimising the impact of the sun during the Summer months – is to invest in conservatory insulation, such as that offered by us here at Home Logic.

This will keep the temperature of your extension consistent throughout the Summer months, whilst simultaneously keeping it warmer during the Winter, to ensure that the conservatory does not go untouched for months on end.

Best of all, this warmer temperature will prevent condensation in conservatory roof panels, as the cold air is not permitted to seep in and cause damp. Obviously this is a considerably more cost-effective solution that tearing down your conservatory and re-building in the event of condensation sinking in.

Once you’ve installed insulation in your conservatory, you should also find that your energy bills drop sharply , and it may be in your best interests to seek an alternative provider.

If this is the case, investigate MyEnergy’s tariff comparison. You’ll likely find that the cost savings you enjoy on your utility bills will cover the cost of the insulation process before long!

What If I Already Have Condensation in Conservatory Roof Panels?

Don’t panic if you already have moisture and damp seeping into your conservatory – there are some shorter-term fixes that you can take to offer immediate assistance. However, none of these actions can come close to the permanence, or effectiveness, of insulation.

The first action you should take is to purchase a dehumidifier, which will suck the moisture from the cool air. A desiccant dehumidifier is the best option for a conservatory, as these models tend to work more reliably in cold conditions.

Please allow us to stress, however, that dehumidifiers are a short- to medium-term solution at best – homeowners may find this to be the answer for one Winter, but insulation should be investigated eventually.

An alternative – but costly, and potentially unsafe – solution is to install storage heaters in your conservatory and leave the windows open permanently.

It should also be noted that, over time, the bills generated by the regular use of storage heaters would greatly outweigh the cost in insulating your extension.

Take back control of your conservatory’s temperature today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!