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Conservatories Bracknell, Reading And Surrounding Areas

Conservatories Bracknell Reading And Surrounding Areas

Conservatories Bracknell, along with many others up and down the country, are being sadly underused by homeowners. So why is this the case?

Conservatories these days come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic to the modern, making them a perfect way to increase floor space in all kinds of homes.

According to The English Housing Survey, around 1 in 6 homes in the UK have a conservatory, but while these can be very useful and versatile rooms, for many families they are just a waste of space.

So what are the problems with conservatories Bracknell and, indeed, the rest of the country? Why are they so rarely used? It’s time to find out…

The Goldilocks Problem

Homeowners with conservatories  Bracknell report that they cannot get as much use out of their conservatories as they would like, simply because these rooms tend to get so hot on sunny days, and yet so incredibly cold whenever Winter comes around.

Although these spaces have been designed to give families all of the pleasure of enjoying their garden while comfortable and warm indoors, in fact the reality is very different, with householders having to wait until the weather conditions are just right, before they can venture inside.

How To Rectify A Hot Conservatory

There is no better time to enjoy your conservatory than on a warm and sunny day, with a jug of lemonade on hand to quench your thirst.

However, if you are one of the homeowners with conservatories Bracknell who is struggling to use this space because of unbearably high temperatures as soon as the sun makes an appearance, you should try some of these helpful tips to cool the room.

  • Fitting tinted film to your windows and glass roof
  • Fitting blinds will help to reduce heat
  • Using a ceiling or pedestal fan
  • Investing in a portable air conditioning unit

While these suggestions can help to cool your space, they all have negative points associated with them.

Air conditioning units and fans can increase your energy bills, and can be incredibly noisy, while blinds will block your view of your garden and the tinted film will not be able to cool the room effectively, during the hottest part of the day.

What About Cold Conservatories Bracknell ?

Many people who invest in conservatories Bracknell are dismayed to discover that they cannot use this space at all during the colder months, due to excessive heat loss.

Large windows combined with glass roofing means that warm air rapidly escapes, leaving the room cold, damp and uncomfortable. The good news is that there are some solutions you can consider to remedy the problems:

These suggestions can all go some way towards solving the problem of a cold conservatory, however they are not a complete solution in themselves. The best way to ensure that warm air stays inside your room is to install conservatory roof insulation.

Conservatories Bracknell Reading And Surrounding Areas

What Is Conservatory Roof Insulation?

A conservatory roof insulation system is the number one way to prevent heat escaping from your room. By fitting a product such as the multi-foil insulation system from Home Logic, up to 91% of heat loss can be prevented through your roof.

This innovative system consists of numerous layers made up of aluminium, wadding, air pockets and foam, forming a blanket of insulation which is then sealed completely with Thermaseal insulation tape.

Once this insulation has been fitted, you can look forward to enjoying your conservatory throughout the year without having to wear a coat and scarf and without sweating in the heat.

How Can A Conservatory Roof Insulation System Help Me?

By installing conservatory roof insulation, you’ll find that you enjoy numerous benefits including:

With better insulation for your conservatory in Bracknell, you’ll find that you can get more use from this versatile space, throughout every month of the year.

Give your Bracknell conservatory a thermal boost, with our speciality insulation. Take the first step to ensuring your comfort today, by calling 0800 1700 636 , or by simply clicking the button below!