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How to Prevent Conservatory Guttering Problems

conservatory guttering problems

Regular maintenance can keep your conservatory in tip top condition most of the time, but when external problems occur, sometimes a little more is needed to keep your conservatory functioning effectively.

If it’s not properly maintained, the guttering on your conservatory can cause some major damage, both to the appearance of your conservatory, and to the structural integrity itself.

Leaking gutters can damage your conservatory furniture, cause dangerous mould to form on your walls, and create a damp and unpleasant atmosphere-hardly conducive to comfort.

The first step to putting an end to conservatory guttering problems, is to understand a little more about the guttering and what problems can occur.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide to conservatory guttering problems, including the key causes behind them, and the preventative measures you should prioritise to prevent them from resurfacing at a later date…

What Are the Common Conservatory Guttering Problems?

Many of the conservatories in the UK are fitted with box guttering, which whilst effective, is prone to multiple problems. Due to their design, they can be easily clogged. This means that they need to be cleaned, and all debris removed on a regular basis.

Only when properly maintained will you be able to prevent them from causing water to leak into your conservatory.

Some of the most common box guttering conservatory problems, include:

Leaky Seams:

Over time, the seams in a box gutter can begin to leak. This can cause water to come through the gutter, and the whole guttering system will be affected.

Water Spillages:

Box guttering spillages are fairly common, both when the water spills out over the top of the guttering, and when it falls behind. This can occur when the drains get blocked and the water backs up, or when the guttering starts to sag. When this occurs, leaks can appear quite rapidly through your conservatory ceiling.

Rusted Lining:

The gutter liner is also prone to rust, rotting, and decay, leaving the whole system compromised, and your ceiling exposed to damage. A section that has completely rusted away will cause serious problems.

Encountering problems with your guttering can be an absolute nightmare; causing water, damp, and mould to infiltrate your conservatory. Thankfully, there is a way to deal with the common problems associated with conservatory guttering…

conservatory guttering problems

How Can I Protect My Conservatory Against Water Damage?

While regular maintenance is key to preventing ongoing problems with conservatory guttering, it is always essential to make sure that your conservatory is protected. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the installation of efficient conservatory insulation.

High-quality conservatory insulation, such as the multi-foil insulation provided by Home Logic, is well-equipped to deal with leakage problems, protecting your conservatory and everything inside of it against damp and associated issues.

If you find that your guttering is leaking, then with conservatory roof insulation, you can have a peace of mind over the security of your conservatory.

Multi-foil insulation features six high-quality layers of insulating material; aluminium foil, thermowadding membrane, metalised poly foil, foam membrane, and a second layer of thermowadding and aluminium foil.

This highly-protective design means that your conservatory stays safe,  conserves more energy, and is better equipped to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Would a Modern Conservatory Be Better Equipped to Handle Leaks?

If you’ve experienced multiple leaking problems in your conservatory, and are worried about the damage it has caused, then it could be a good time to upgrade your conservatory to a more modern alternative.

As technology has advanced, so has conservatory design. The conservatories available on the market today are strong, durable, energy-efficient, and highly attractive, offering substantially more benefits than the older systems.

By switching to a modern system, you can address all the problems with your guttering, and work towards the prevention of similar conservatory leaking problems in the future.

There are an impressive range of conservatory designs to choose from, and the ability to ensure that you get a guttering system that is going to last, not let you down, and cause problems. For ultimate guttering protection, the combination of a new conservatory and top of the range insulation is a true winner.

Conservatory Guttering Problems: How Can Home Logic Help?

Our expert team at Home Logic are highly experienced at installing conservatory insulation and provide a beautiful classic and bespoke range of modern conservatories.

With a 5* Trust Pilot rating for our exceptional home improvement services, and a dedication to ensuring the best, you can trust our professional team to take care of your home.

If you’re encountering conservatory guttering issues on a regular basis, then put the necessary protection in place with the help of Home Logic. To learn more about the conservatory insulation and stunning conservatories provided by Home Logic, giveus a call on 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below!