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Conservatory Insulation Solutions: The Essential Guide

conservatory insulation solutions

Having a well-insulated conservatory should provide you with a pleasant room, which you can use all year round. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, as many conservatories are not sufficiently insulated.

Temperatures fluctuate with each season – Summers are too hot, while Winters are freezing and draughty. Noise from traffic and rainfall makes it impossible to hear conversations. The glare from the sun fades and then destroys any fabric on sofas and cushions. Carpet patterns fade over time.

Research has shown that in the average south-facing conservatory, there are only two hours a day when the room is a comfortable temperature, unless heaters and fans are brought in.

Not only does this mean more expense to buy heaters and fans, but your energy bills are increased with the use of heaters, which effectively only work while they are switched on.

As soon as you turn them off, the room cools down again. Likewise, with any fans you use. The room will only be cooler when the fan is on, so these are not long-term solutions to the problem.

Unfortunately, the room that was designed to be your perfect family retreat becomes a room which is seldom used to relax in. Even the plants that you so lovingly place there, wither and die from either the cold or the scorching sun reflecting down on them.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide to the best conservatory insulation solutions on offer, and how they reduce moisture, decrease glare and ensure an ambient temperature’s achieved…

The Importance Of Conservatory Insulation

At Home Logic, we have perfect conservatory insulation solutions to these problems. Insulating your conservatory with our products will give you a room which you will be able to use everyday of the year-regardless of the weather outside.

Our conservatory insulation solution is comprised of a multi-layer thermal blanket, which is made up of layers of wadding, aluminium, foam, and air pockets. The thermal blanket provides an effective moisture controlled atmosphere.

The foil blanket is sealed with Thermaseal insulation tape to ensure that no air leaks through any gaps. Our insulation blanket prevents 91% of heat from escaping upwards through the conservatory roof.

Traditional methods of conservatory insulation were done with fibreglass and cellulose, which were proven to be largely ineffective, as well as being potential health threats. We’ve moved on from that to new and modern technology.

This foil was first used by NASA in some of their Apollo missions – we feel that if it is good enough for them, it should be good enough for us!

conservatory insulation solutions

Say hello to a room that you will want to use every day of the year! Hello to comfort and quiet, furniture which does not fade, and temperatures which are exactly where you want them to be!

Benefits Of Our Conservatory Insulation Solutions

  • Cheaper: You will find that insulating the roof is 50% cheaper than replacing it.
  • Stops damp: This method prevents damp from building up, due to condensation.
  • Eliminates glare: Your furniture will last longer, as the glare from the sun is eliminated.
  • Improved comfort: You will have a room which is at a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Quiet: There is no external noise with our conservatory insulation solution, so traffic and rain noise will not bother you and your family.
  • Proven energy saving: You will see a reduction of about 42% in your energy bills.
  • No planning permission: This is not required for insulation of this sort, so there is no waiting time. The sooner you call Home Logic to arrange it, the quicker it is carried out!
  • Our warranty: We are so confident and sure of our product, that we offer you a ‘life of the building’ guarantee. Our warranty is for 25 years, ensuring your peace of mind, for many years to come.

An Ideal Long-Term Solution

You will find that the initial outlay for your spray foam installation is quickly recouped in the smaller energy bills you receive.

Many of our customers come from recommendations – giving you an idea of how well we carry out our work.

Say goodbye to a conservatory which you never use because of the intense heat, and unbearable glare from the sun. Adios to the noise from rain and traffic.

Say hello to a room that you will want to use every day of the year! Hello to comfort and quiet, furniture which does not fade, and temperatures which are exactly where you want them to be!

After we have received your initial enquiry, we will send our experts round to carry out a survey, answer all your questions, and discuss everything that you plan to have done. After that, we’ll provide you with a quotation for the work, and arrange a start date which suits your schedule.

Reclaim use of your conservatory room year round, with the help of Home Logic! Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!