Conservaheat Insulation

Conservatories are a place where you can dine, listen to music, catch up with friends or just relax, but are they always comfortable? Our extensive market research has identified a host of potential issues you may be having with your conservatory which can turn a potentially beautiful living space into an unused area of your home.

Do you suffer with any of these conservatory problems?

  • Conservatory too hot in the summer
  • Freezing cold in the winter
  • Too noisy when it rains
  • Expensive to heat
  • Too much glare from devices such as TVs or computer screens

If you suffer from any of these issues, then you could benefit with conservatory insulation from Home Logic.

Transform your Conservatory

Our conservatory insulation is out of this world, and we mean that literally. The Conservaheat insulation system concept of multi foil insulation was fist used by NASA on the Apollo space missions to maximise insulation and protect spaceships against the extreme temperatures of outer space.

We have been able to adapt this technology to fit residential conservatories at a price that is more down to earth. By preventing up to 91% of heat loss escaping through your conservatory roof and helping maintain an ambient temperature throughout a hot summers day you can transform your conservatory into a comfortable living space.

How does ConservaHeat work?

1. True Aluminium Foil

Extetensive laboratory and on site testing through third party organisations have established over 95% of radiant heat can be deflected throughout the summer.

2. ThermoWadding Membrane

Pockets of air within the material prevent conduction of radiant energy and help maintain an even temperature.

3. Metalised Poly Foil Barrier

This additional heat barrier prevents heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Conservatory Insulation Diagram

4. Vapour Control

Total vapour control prevents against and damp or condensation problems.

5. ThermoWadding Membrane

Creates air pockets to prevent heat loss by conduction of radiant energy.

6. True Aluminium Foil

Reduces heat loss by up to 90% which improves your living environment and reduces your energy costs all year round.