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Conservatory Roof And Sides Not Sealed? Here's What To Do...

Conservatory Roof And Sides Not Sealed

Have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to have the perfect conservatory?

Somewhere beautiful that you can sit in the spring and watch your garden slowly come into bloom.

Somewhere cool that you can retreat to in the summer when the days are too hot to enjoy.

Somewhere comfortable that you can entertain in during the autumn when the likelihood of rain can change from hour to hour.

Somewhere warm that you can relax in during the winter when the weather outside is freezing cold and the nights are still.

The perfect conservatory can feel like a dream… but it can very easily be a reality!

Before you can enjoy the best of your conservatory, you need to put an end to those little niggling problems that make your conservatory less than ideal; problems like a conservatory roof and sides not sealed properly and poor temperature regulation…

What is the Purpose of Roof and Side Seals on Conservatories?

Roof and side seals on a conservatory may not dramatically change the look of the conservatory but they can dramatically influence the feel of your conservatory.

The seals are essential to block out draughts, which can make an environment cold and unwelcoming at the best of times. 

The seals are also required to make sure that your conservatory is protected against moisture. If there is a gap big enough that a noticeable draught is coming through, then it’s all but guaranteed to be letting in water as well. 

To prevent a cold and possibly even damp conservatory, getting the seals sorted should be a priority job on your to-do list. 

Conservatory Roof And Sides Not Sealed

Conservatory insulation is a great solution to cold or damp conservatories, but if your missing conservatory seals have caused serious damage, it may not quite do the trick

How Can You Fix Conservatory Seals?

Depending on the exact style and design of your conservatory, it will likely be possible for a professional to apply a seal to the roof and sides, which can help to prevent many of the common problems associated with a missing or deteriorated conservatory seal. 

Replacing a damaged seal or adding a new seal will really improve your conservatory and help it to last longer, but there is another way to improve your conservatory…

One of the best solutions to poorly sealed conservatory roof and sides is to upgrade the roof. There are plenty of options out there for conservatory roof upgrades, but for ultimate value for money (and a step closer to that perfect conservatory), insulation is one of your best bets.

Conservatory roof insulation, and in particular conservatory multi-foil insulation, is a solution to all your conservatory temperature problems and any pesky issues with conservatory draughts. 

Once installed, the insulation will seal off the roof, which can help to take care of any sealant problems that are making your conservatory colder than it has to be. 

The multi-foil insulation has multiple layers, all designed to improve your conservatory environment. These layers will:

•    Lower heat loss in the conservatory by 90%
•    Reflect 95% of radiant heat
•    Regulate the temperature
•    Provide a heat barrier for summer and winter
•    Help to stop issues with damp, mould, and condensation

Conservatory Roof And Sides Not Sealed

If you’re fed-up with dreaming of the perfect conservatory and want to see it finally turn into a reality, then talk to our team today on 0800 1700 636!

Conservatory Past Its Prime? Here’s What to Do…

If your conservatory is damaged beyond repair, or well past its prime, then it may be time to look at a new conservatory. There are some truly inspirational conservatories out there, and the right design could actually add a nice sum to your property value. 

Getting a modern conservatory installed, with insulation as an essential extra, will make sure that the conservatory is right for your home… and the space is properly sealed!

There is a lot of potential in a modern conservatory, and you may just be surprised at how easy it is to turn a new construction into a dream conservatory. 

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Conservatory too cold? Tired of damp problems? Worried that your conservatory is not properly sealed? No matter your concerns, at Home Logic we can help you to take care of them!

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