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Conservatory Roof Conversion Kit: What Does It Offer?

conservatory roof conversion kit

In the quest to transform conservatories into more versatile living spaces, many people turn to roofing alterations. Let’s take a look at the query, ‘conservatory roof conversion kit: what does it offer?’ and whether it’s the best option for your conservatory.

The roof of a conservatory is responsible for a large proportion of the overall heat loss, so it’s understandable to want to improve the roofing system.

Upgrading the roof can make the space more practical, boost the energy-efficiency of your property, and even improve the appearance of your conservatory, but is a conversation kit the best way to achieve these benefits? It’s time to find out…

What Is a Conservatory Roof Conversion Kit?

Conservatory roof conversions have been around for quite a while, ranging in type from company to company. A conservatory roof conversion kit is a relatively new product to hit the market, offering a DIY way to change the material of your conservatory roof.

These again, are very different, depending on which kit you decide to try. While the classic roof conversion normally consists of replacing the glass roofing with standard tiling, the kits often offer wooden replacement roofing.

The conservatory roof conversion kit can then be installed by a professional, or yourself if you feel like a larger DIY task. If you’re considering tackling the project yourself, then it’s vital that you get the processes right, as a little variance from the initial design could cause big problems in your conservatory later on.

Is a Conservatory Roof Kit Worth the Price?

When weighing up whether what a conservatory roof conversion kit has to offer is worth the investment and time, there are both pros and cons to ponder.

The general concept of upgrading a conservatory roof to a more suiting material is incredibly beneficial, but in most cases, kits are not the most efficient way of doing things.

Removing your conservatory roof and installing a new one is an extensive process. There are several potential problems, such as damaging the conservatory frame, installing the roofing the wrong way, or not getting adequate insulation, which is a big reason behind the change.

The roof of a conservatory still needs to be strong, practical, and appealing; not always possible when installing the roof from a kit.

If you want the benefit of a more suitable conservatory roof, without all the associated upheaval of a D.I.Y attempt, then an intergalactic alternative may be just what you’re after…

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conservatory roof conversion kit

What Is the Alternative Option to Converting the Roof of a Conservatory?

One of the best products available to upgrade your conservatory roof is conservatory insulation. This keeps your current roof intact, but substantially enhances the heat retention of your conservatory by providing an extra barrier between the inside and outside.

Modern multi-foil insulation is a premier product, helping to retain 91% of the heat that is normally lost through your conservatory roof. The product consists of multiple layers of high-quality insulation material, all installed behind a stylish covering.

The system looks fresh and attractive, whilst simultaneously keeping the charm of your conservatory structure intact. The protection against damp and condensation, and damaging sun glare, makes it a prime choice for an alternative way to truly improve your conservatory.

As a further added benefit, the insulation doesn’t require planning permission!

Is It Time to Invest in a New Conservatory?

If the energy efficiency of your conservatory is becoming a concern, and the structure is old and unstable, then it may be time to upgrade your conservatory; especially if you’re planning on making any big changes.

Conservatories have a very long history, but now more than ever before they are becoming a truly beautiful addition to the home. Modern systems are strong, built to last, and come with energy-efficient glazing.

new conservatory will give you the best start to creating a warm, welcoming, and easy to maintain environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Enhance Your Conservatory with Home Logic

While what a conservatory roof conversion kit has to offer can be enticing, sometimes it’s best to get the professionals in to do a job that you know is going to last.

With conservatory insulation, you’re getting a roofing addition that is going to keep your conservatory warm, without the potential problems that come with a full roof conversion.

Whether you’re after a better system for your conservatory roof, or a whole new look for your conservatory, Home Logic are able to help. Our high-quality conservatories and effective insulation will give you a wonderful space that will serve you perfectly for many years to come.

To enquire more about high-quality insulation, or modern conservatories in general, get in touch with our team today, call 0800 1700 636 or by simply clicking the button below!

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