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Conservatory Roof Dorset

Conservatory Roof Dorset

While most people agree that adding a modern conservatory is a good idea, many people find that they turn out to be either too cold in Winter, and boiling hot in the Summer.

Often, there is a lot of glare from the sun, noise from traffic and rain, and fading furniture to contend with. The fluctuating temperatures make the conservatory an unpleasant place to be for any length of time.

What started out as a really good idea, becomes a room that is seldom used. At Home Logic, we specialise in rectifying this situation, giving you the room that you planned all along! It’s our job to make that conservatory the best room in the house! Here’s how…

Conservatory Roof Dorset Insulation: The Benefits

By insulating your conservatory roof in Dorset, you will give yourself an added room which is comfortable, quiet, and peaceful. It will be a perfect retreat for reading that book you’ve been been meaning to get around to!

The goal of a well-insulated conservatory roof is to be warm in the Winter months, and cool and comfortable in the Summer. The fabric of your furniture should not fade because of sun damage. The room should be pleasant all year round.

Here at Home Logic, we have excellent results with quality insulation of a conservatory roof in Dorset. Our multi-foil insulation is designed to save you from heat loss through the roof – in fact, our system will save you up to 91% of heat loss through the ceiling!

Regardless of the weather outside, your conservatory will be a usable room, throughout every month of the year.

The product we stand behind is made up of multiple layers of Aluminium, wadding, foam, and air pockets, thus making it a perfect insulation material. The blanket is sealed using Thermaseal Insulation tape, which ensures that the room is perfectly sealed against the elements.

When you make use of our exceptional insulation for your conservatory roof in Dorset, not only will your home be the perfect temperature throughout the year, you will see that there is no damp or condensation anywhere.

Glare from the sun will be eliminated, and replacing faded cushions will be a thing of the past! Yet another advantage of conservatory insulation is that you do not even need planning permission to install it!

Conservatory Roof Dorset

Options For Your Conservatory Roof in Dorset:

Fabric Sails:

Normally, these will be attached to the outside of the conservatory roof, by using nails inserted into the woodwork of the frame. The sails are then stretched out across the roof, to act as screens against the sun.

While they may look pretty, because you can buy them in different colours, they do not insulate the conservatory at all. They will provide some shade, and protect against glare from the sun, but they serve no other purpose. In fact, they may even pose a fire hazard.

Roof Blinds:

This is an expensive way to attach blinds to windows. The blinds are trimmed and fitted to each window pane. This is not a cost-effective way to insulate the conservatory, as all they do is stop the glare from the sun; heat in the cooler months will still be lost.

You will find that there is a chord for every single blind in the room, and soon get tired of opening and closing them all.

Multi-Foil Insulating System:

An interesting fact is that this foil was first tested by NASA during some of the Apollo missions. We consider it the best way to insulate conservatories in the UK.  In fact, we use this amazing foil to insulate all our conservatories.

It is 50% cheaper than replacing a roof, and will stop over 91% of heat which escapes upwards to the roof. Not only will you be preventing heat loss, you will also be saving yourself a good amount of money each year on energy bills.

Why Choose Home Logic For Your Dorset Conservatory?

Here at Home Logic, we’re committed to providing conservatory roof Dorset insulation inspiration and advice. We aim to provide insulation of the highest standard, in order to transform your conservatory, into a habitable room year round.

Our insulation products are eco-friendly and cost effective. We have a team of experts standing by to answer all your questions. Our installers are friendly and knowledgeable, and more than able to assist you all the way through your conservatory roof insulation process.

Bad or poor-quality insulation will cause mould, and possible structural damage to your roof, if left unattended for any length of time. When you take advantage of our insulation system, all these issues are done away with for good.

You will have a room which is comfortable all year round, a perfect temperature, and free from the glare of the sun. It will be quiet and damp-free.

Your home will not only increase in value, it will stay beautiful, while you use less energy and save more money!

Insulating your conservatory roof with our multi-foil blanket makes your conservatory totally insulated, with perfect results. What’s not to love about that?!

With over 35 years of experience, our insulation of your conservatory roof in Dorset is designed to add value to your home, enhance its beauty, and save you a bunch of money each year. Our professionals are waiting to help you with all your insulation needs.