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Conservatory Roof Insulation D.I.Y: Can It Be Done?

DIY Conservatory Roof Insulation

Deciding to buy a new conservatory is a choice often made with the warm Summer months in mind. But when it comes to those chilly Winter months in the UK, that extra space in your home normally goes unused and unloved. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Conservatories are a wonderful addition to properties both old and new. They provide a large amount of space, normally at a cost that is much friendlier to your bank balance than alternative home extensions.

Combined with the attraction of having a room filled full of natural light, an investment in a new conservatory can significantlyincrease the value of your home; in some cases by up to 10%.

The problem that most homeowners in the UK have, however, is that their conservatories are only being used for a few months a year, and only for a couple of hours a day even then.

With so many benefits to the extra room, it’s a shame to see it going to waste. This is why so many homeowners are considering a DIY conservatory roof insulation job and whether this task can be tackled single-handedly, themselves.

Whilst there are multiple ways to improve the warmth in your conservatory, conservatory roof insulation D.I.Y and professional options can be some of the most beneficial. But how do both choices compare? It’s time to find out…

Professional vs DIY Conservatory Roof Insulation

As with all major home improvement projects, the decision to use a professional service, or decide to do it yourself is a subject that is hotly debated.

Thankfully, when looking towards a DIY conservatory roof insulation, the choice between the two is quite straightforward, and there are multiple options for either.

The options for conservatory insulation are slightly more limited if you are restricted to diy solutions, but through solar film, conservatory blinds, or other products on the market, you can reap some of the rewards of better insulation.

Choosing a professional service reduces the risk of insulation being fitted incorrectly, and opens the door to some of the more effective options on offer. Multi foil insulation, when fitted by an expert team, can ensure that a conservatory is usable throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.

DIY Conservatory Roof Insulation

As long as you verify the credentials of your chosen company before pressing ahead, you can rest assured that both yourself and your conservatory are in safe and salient hands from the outset!

Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year Round

DIY conservatory roof insulation can be complicated, but the benefits of good insulation are extensive. As conservatories primarily consist of glass, whether single, double, or triple glazed, the initial insulation is very poor.

Properly fitted triple glazing in other areas of your home is a great investment, but when it comes to a room made entirely out of glazing, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be as warm as you might like.

There are multiple conservatory roof insulation DIY and professional materials that you can choose from, and a number of methods by which they are installed.

Whilst there is quite a bit of variation between the choices, all the styles will go some way to helping you combat the temperature extremes that conservatories face. Depending on which option you think will be best for your conservatory, a professional service may be needed to get the job done properly.

D.I.Y Measures: What Are My Options?

Insulation Blinds- For glass-topped conservatories, insulation blinds can be an affordable conservatory roof insulation DIY option. Whilst not highly-efficient, investing in specially made conservatory roof blinds can help you to retain a little extra heat during the winter, and keep out harsh heat during the summer.

Solid Roof Conversion- Converting your existing conservatory roof into a solid roof can be a very expensive process, but will significantly help to regulate the temperature in the room. A solid roof will both reduce the heat in the Summer, and minimise the chill in the Winter.

Solar Film- Well-suited to a DIY job, solar film is both cost-effective and efficient at insulating a conservatory roof against both heat and cold. The stickers are applied to the standard glass panes, reducing the effects of the external temperature.

Multi foil Insulation- A modern and highly efficient choice for conservatory insulation, multi foil insulation will give your conservatory roof a new lease of life.

The insulation provides a complete blanket of protection, using a multitude of materials specially designed to regulate temperature. Multi foil insulation also provides extra protection against condensation, a common problem in the damper months.

Final Conclusion: Enlist The Help Of The Experts!

For homeowners who plan to use their conservatory on a regular basis, and still want to save money on their energy bills, opting for a professional service over DIY quick-fix is a choice that will pay for itself.

As long as you verify the credentials of your chosen company before pressing ahead, you can rest assured that both yourself and your conservatory are in safe and salient hands, alleviating any worries over a botched attempt from the outset.

You can contact our expert Home Logic team at any time for more information about modern insulation and the benefits of year-round conservatory use. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to talk to our conservatory specialists today!