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Conservatory Roof Leaking Where It Joins The House? Do This…

Conservatory Roof Leaking Where It Joins The House

There’s no hiding the fact that it rains a lot in the UK. In fact, on average, it rains for 133 days a year in the UK.

While this normally doesn’t cause severe problems, if you have leaks in your home, every rainy day can spell disaster. That means, on average, you have to deal with 133 days of leaky disaster every year.

No homeowner wants to spot leaks in their property, and especially not when they appear in the conservatory. Leaks can mean expensive repairs, and potentially having to come face to face with hazardous mould and internal damage.

If you find yourself facing the daunting problem of a conservatory roof leaking where it joins the house, then it can be a worrying time. However, there is a solution to the common problem that will return your conservatory back to it’s previous glory.

What Is Causing The Conservatory Roof To Leak?

A conservatory roof can leak for a vast number of reasons, some of which may be easy to spot, and others that may need an expert eye to properly diagnose.

Very often, you’ll find that leaks occur due to standard conservatory roof wear and tear. In these cases, there are three common reasons why your roof may be leaking where it joins the house, that you should be able to spot yourself;

• Roof panels that have slipped
• Sealant that has deteriorated over time or that was attached poorly
• Badly fitted or failing roof flashing

These problems, combined with poor ventilation and inadequate insulation, mean that the leak is likely to only get worse and worse over time.

Faced with the brunt of the elements, and some pretty severe temperature fluctuations, many conservatories encounter some kind of leakage problems every now and again. This doesn’t have to be the case though.

There is thankfully a solution that doesn’t have to mean a full roof replacement: conservatory roof insulation.

In the following article we explore how it works its magic in terms of sealing your roof, supporting its structure, and, ultimately, creating comfortable conditions year round…

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Conservatory Roof Leaking Where It Joins The House

Is There An Easy fix To Stop The Leaks?

Often, a conservatory roof leak can be fixed by assessing the strength of the flashing and sealant. Removing and replacing the flashing or sealant, will better protect the conservatory against water penetration, but the fix is unlikely to be permanent.

Water flooding in from the roof can mean that there are some big problems in your conservatory structure and design. In these cases, a new conservatory, or conservatory roof, could be required.

The alternative to this is to invest in a high-quality conservatory roof insulation. Insulation can give you the long-term fix you require to ensure that your conservatory is going to stay looking and feeling perfect-come rain or shine.

Conservatory Roof Insulation: Signed, Sealed And Delivering On All Fronts

One of the most effective ways to solve leaks in a conservatory roof now and in the future is to give the roof some extra support (and a bit of an upgrade in the process.) This can be achieved with modern conservatory roof insulation.

Conservatory insulation is a different solution to a full roof replacement, offering additional benefits, and proves a perfect way to tackle those leaks head-on. It also takes care of ventilation issues that can lead to the appearance of harmful mould.

The insulation provides internal support for your conservatory roof. It also prevents condensation and damp from building up inside the space, and causing leaks to transform into much more dangerous problems.

This is all achieved thanks to the multi-layer design of conservatory roof insulation. Key layers of wadding, foam, and aluminium, as well as air pockets, make for a highly effective method of temperature regulation.

With added temperature regulation, your conservatory is not going to be exposed to such high degrees of temperature fluctuations; instead, it’ll stay warmer and cooler when required, and improve your overall comfort.

Other key benefits of conservatory roof insulation, include:

• No requirement for planning permission
• Stops problems with sun glare
• Reduces conservatory rain noise problems
• More affordable than a whole roof replacement

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Conservatory Roof Leaking Where It Joins The House

Make Your Roof More Resilient With The Help Of Home Logic

Tired of leaks ruining the look and feel of your conservatory? In the face of leaks, the only way to prevent them is to be proactive and tackle them head-on.

By replacing poor sealant and flashing, you might be able to regain your conservatory space now. By investing in conservatory roof insulation, you can regain your conservatory space for years to come.

If you’re interested in putting an end to those leaks, get into contact with Home Logic today. We’ll work with you to identify the source of the leaks and provide a roof insulation that you can count on to transform your conservatory space. Call 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below to get started today!

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