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Replacement Conservatory & Flat Roofs

Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost Estimator

conservatory roof replacement cost estimator

If you’re looking to convert of replace the roof of your conservatory, you’ll know that it’s an expensive, time-consuming and messy business.

There are several conservatory roof replacement cost estimator tools online, and lots of personal experiences and expenses shared from those who have been through the process before. It can be difficult to sort through the information from the opinion and the fact from the fiction.

When replacing or converting your conservatory roof, you will need to check in with your local building regulation authority before work begins – as changing the percentage of the room that is glazed with glass can change its legal status. This means that your conversion or replacement work may have to adhere to building regulations and you may even need to seek planning permission.

Of course, this is additional time and money on top of the building work you have planned, so should be avoided at all costs!

Realistically, the size and type of your conservatory is what dictates the price you’ll pay. You could be looking at anywhere between £3,000-£7,000 for a roof replacement or conversion, and that could be before the labour and any external admin is factored in.

Of course, you should shop around for quotes but you should also consider obtaining a quote for a hybrid type of roof replacement or conversion for your conservatory.

LogicFoam Conservatory Insulation acts as a lightweight solid roof for your conservatory but without the need for planning permission or building regulations – as technically you’re not changing the percentage of glazed surfaces within the room. It costs HALF of what it would cost you for a full conversion or replacement of your conservatory roof, so you’re looking at a considerable monetary saving compared to ‘getting the builders in’.

conservatory roof replacement cost estimator

With conservatory roof insualtion, form and function match to create a conservatory of utmost distinction. The roof looks smart, bright and presentable without the effort of a full team of builders. Your conservatory will be more comfortable to spend time in and your furniture and possessions won’t fade in the sunshine. Perfect!

Take Back Control Of Your Comfort Today!

The insulation itself is a specialist material that focuses not just on heating up a conservatory (although of course, this is needed through Autumn, Winter and cooler weather), but rather regulating the temperature so it’s ambient and comfortable at all times, no matter what’s happening outdoors.
The material is foil-like and made up of several layers of multi-foil, Thermo Wadding, vapour control panels and pockets of air. This make-up prevents 91% of heat loss through it and completely blocks vapour from passing through; be it residual moisture in the air or liquid.


Having a more comfortable temperature in your conservatory allows you to utilise the room year-round as a living space, potentially opening up a whole new living area that you normally won’t be able to use all of the time.

LogicFoam Conservatory Insulation is applied directly onto the glazed glass roof of your conservatory and then panelled over. Once installed, you’ll notice an immediate difference in temperature and can benefit from increased energy efficiency in your property.

Better energy efficiency isn’t just about the environmental help either – less heating and cooling required will result in your energy bills decreasing, saving you money on a daily basis alongside the 50% you’ve saved on not forking out for a full roof replacement or conversion.

Rather than having a team of builders in for a few days, creating mess and inconvenience in your home, LogicFoam Conservatory Insulation is installed in a different way. There’s no ‘jack of all trades’ workers involved here, but fully British Board of Agrement (BBA) certified specialist technicians. 

Conservatory Insulation installation by LogicFoam is not only half the price of a regular conservatory replacement or conversion but saves you money along the way too.

The roof looks smart, bright and presentable without the effort of a full team of builders. Your conservatory will be more comfortable to spend time in and your furniture and possessions won’t fade in the sunshine.

LogicFoam believe that every conservatory and every home is different. Therefore, their team of experts will tailor the insulation installation bespoke to your home and its requirements.

You can speak to the team on the phone and arrange a home survey and free quotation quickly and hassle free. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to explore your options today!

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